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Pokken Tournament announced

The long-rumored Pokemon game "Pokken Tournament" has finally been made official. Famitsu properly unveiled the title during a live stream event held just a short while ago. (Arcade, Pokkén Tournament)

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Doge  +   235d ago
Based Harada.
Aratax  +   235d ago
Lookin' Good
crusf  +   235d ago
Arcades but not Wii U? Why? Nintendo better announce a wii u port of some sorts they really need a big pokemon title on consoles. Really disappointed with there decision at this point.

@mikel1015 Yes I understand and I think this May be true but this is Pokemon one of nintendo's most cherished properties. They should have announced a simultaneous release. Smash is bieng developed by the same developer and it's not going to arcades.
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randomass171  +   235d ago
I think they are trying to test the waters with a new idea. But I agree that there should have been a Wii U version. Hopefully they will announce one for all regions.
crusf  +   235d ago
There have been Pokemon arcade games in the past including "Pokemon Batterio" this is nothing new. I understand that the arcades are popular in japan but at this point Nintendo really needs to support there console now more then ever.
mikel1015  +   235d ago
It's a Namco fighting game. It always, always, always goes to arcade first, then consoles later. Look at Tekken 6
weekev15  +   235d ago
The question is how long will it take to go from arcades to consoles Tekken 6 took two years..yes 2 YEARS. to hit consoles.

Game looks cool though, need to get the roster right and hopefully have some move customisation in. Could be epic for once everyone is bored of Smash. (I know this will never happen)
Spotie  +   235d ago
The king of the Poke-Fist tournament.
BrokenJoystick  +   235d ago
Namco games always hit arcades in Japan first, a Wii U version is inevitable. It's not a question of "if", but instead "when?".
Starbucks_Fan  +   235d ago
I think a Wii U version will be here within a year after the arcade version.
boing1  +   235d ago
Pokken Tag Tournament anyone?
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mezati99  +   235d ago
Arcades?! what the f*ck nintendo?
BlackWolf  +   235d ago
I'm kind of disappointed by this, as well. But, then again, Nintendo started in arcades, and Namco Bandai still has a big presence in the arcade business. Also, arcade releases for fighting games are kind of common, and a good way to test the waters. And, if it gets updates before the possible Wii U release, the latter will probably have all the content of the former.
voodoochild346  +   235d ago
Namco made the game not Nintendo. Since you don't know how the Japanese arcade scene works, I'll tell you that Japanese made fighting games almost always start on arcade for a few months before they are released on consoles to support arcades. The game will be on WiiU eventually.
Brazz  +   235d ago
this thing can work... just don't make this "teken whit pokemon skins..."
ABizzel1  +   235d ago
Well that's pretty much what it looks like to me, but is that really a bad thing?

Are we only allowed to play a fighting types, or will there be a good mix of types?

On a side note where is our Tekken x Street Fighter?
ABizzel1  +   235d ago
Actually now that I watched it again it looks like the Naruto games, which Namco-Bandai also makes.
Starbucks_Fan  +   235d ago
To anyone complaining about Arcade being first, this happens a lot for fighting games so they can get feedback on balancing by arcade players.
Mikito11  +   235d ago
I'm betting wii u version will be on the way
OpieWinston  +   235d ago
Not surprising this gen is opening up a lot of heavy third party relationships for Platform holders.

Nintendo and Namco Bandai relationship will only grow.

I have little interest in this title.

Guess I'll just keep waiting for a Pokemon Snap U or Pokemon Stadium U
youndamie  +   235d ago
Ugh where is Wii U's Pokemon World?
Majin-vegeta  +   235d ago
You think Nintendo would want to release it first on the wii U .To help the sales increase -_-.One step forwards two step backwards
Sheed  +   235d ago
Not necessarily, it will come to the Wii U soon enough.
Also, their is another little fighting game with pokemon in it called SUPER SMASH BROS so it will hold us down until then
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Sheed  +   235d ago
Well, considering nintendo isn't getting Tekken 7 this is a pretty decent response.
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Darkfist  +   235d ago
so nintendo fans who didnt like tekken gameplay gona suddenly praise this?
BlackWolf  +   235d ago
So, Nintendo fans that like Tekken gameplay have no right to praise this? Yeah right.

Go bother someone else, Darkfist.
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TXIDarkAvenger  +   235d ago
Have a feeling this will stay exclusive to Japan and even if it hit arcades in NA, there aren't any nearby me. Maybe a port to Wii U will happen.

EDIT* Well Pokken Tournament and Pokemon Fighters have both been trademarked by nintendo in both the U.S and Europe so its just a matter of when.
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Treezy504  +   235d ago
I'm thinking we're only going to see brawler Pokemon in this game.
Revengeance  +   235d ago
Wii U will get their exclusive fighting game with this.

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