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LavaLampGoo1246d ago

Lots of interesting choices there. Look forward to seeing their full release!

come_bom1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

This list awards wouldn't be my choices... but everybody is entitled to their opinion.

nX1246d ago

I can't believe Bloodborne wasn't even mentioned once.

VforVideogames1246d ago

Two words : Quantum Break . enuff said.

Alexious1246d ago

It's about games tried at Gamescom.

nagalaga311246d ago

If you're really that into Quantum Break, play Singularity. It's the same time stopping mechanic and slowing down enemies but with monsters instead of soldiers.

kaiserfranz1246d ago

The Witcher 3 keeps dominating, as expected. Kinda surprised about Driveclub, but all the latest previews have been positive

AndrewLB1246d ago

DriveClub's 30fps should have immediately disqualified it for winning "best graphics". He must have compared screenshots and not actual game play in motion, because racing games are crap without a higher frame rate.

ccgr1246d ago

Never Alone looks interesting

kingvendrick1246d ago

No Bloodborne award.


Alexious1246d ago

I played Bloodborne and it wasn't that good. Lots of aliasing/shimmering and choppy frame rate.

I also played Lords of the Fallen and that looked way better, at least on PC.

patrik231246d ago

DRIVECLUB best racing game and best graphics.


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The story is too old to be commented.
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