Project CARS Has Two Year Road Map For New Tracks, Cars And Modes

Pete Morrish from Slightly Mad Studios was interviewed by Worlds Factory and among other things, he talked about the DLC plan for Project CARS.

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LavaLampGoo1363d ago

I'm not a racing fan but Project CARS sounds quite interesting... Keeping an eye on this one

JackOfAllBlades1361d ago

I am a racing fan, but this game looks way better than average

kaiserfranz1363d ago

I'm more of an arcade fan, but the passion being put in this game is obvious.

TXIDarkAvenger1362d ago

Wow the Le Mans 24 Hours race. Don't think I would be able to do that lol. The weather feature is pretty neat too.

Dee_911362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

I remember doing 24hrs Nurb on GT4.My PS2 hated me.. Sucks they added the save feature in GT5 and cut the races down to 24 minutes in gt6 because its a cool experience... Can't wait for project cars.. hope it doesn't feel like Shift 2 though.. And with all the shots they are sending to Turn 10 and PD it better be one hell of a racer..

mrmonk1362d ago

Cannot wait for this looking forward to getting this in my ps4 looks awesome in need of a good racing sim.