MWEB GameZone Review | Risen 3: Titan Lords - ARRRGHHHH. Where be the treasure?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Risen 3: Titan Lords is a charming game, but it fails horridly when it comes to combat, the main character is unconvincing and the graphics an utter disappointment. I was desperately looking for treasure but it must've drowned with Davy Jones' Locker.."

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GabeSA1491d ago

awesome, thanks for saving me some bucks

plut0nash1491d ago

Curious, why 6/10 - graphics?

CongoKyle1491d ago

Not only graphics, the gameplay wasn't great at all. Combat was slow, hindering and the only thing worthy were some cool execution style finishes.

plut0nash1491d ago

Then 6 needs to be 4 or 3 :)