EA Sports UFC Receives New Update, Several Fixes And Tweaks Included

EA Sports UFC has received a new patch, including several additions, including three new fighters, tweaks and fixes. The patch has been confirmed to be only available on Xbox Live as of now but it will soon be released on PSN.

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SporadikStyles1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Amazing! I was wondering if they'd add Pyle while I was watching the fights last weekend. I hope they can somehow patch in more CAF slots and/or allow us to make female CAF. Yes I do want to make Gina Corano, Marloes Conen even Bob Sapp and other useless fighters :)

I'm quite sure I bought and used crusifix in my most recent career mode with Bruce Lee already. I may even have a replay saved.

Love this game!! And I'll continue calling it EA MMA 2.0!