What to expect from the Xbox One when it launches in South Africa

The Xbox One will soon be released in South Africa. Here is what you can expect from Microsoft's Xbox 360 successor. Here's a hint: massive updates.

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HanCilliers1246d ago

At least South Africans will have a near perfect Xbox One ;)

qwerty6761246d ago

someone said the same exact thing in the article

are you the mod over there lol?

HanCilliers1246d ago

Was said in the comment yes, not in article

WharenPeace1246d ago

I've lurked on your site a couple of times and your reporting of the xbox one is very suspicious. Are you guys being paid by microsoft south africa or the distributors?

HanCilliers1246d ago

You crazy bro? We covered PS4 same when it launched. Search PS4 articles

vikingland11246d ago

Very informative article good job author. I like that it mentions twice to disconnect from the internet when installing games. Bummer that they don't get Titan Fall.

aftershock1246d ago

I think you can expect low sales, like the rest of the world

vikingland11246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Every little bit helps :)

Edit: I didn't disagree with you by the way.

Spotie1246d ago

Well, it's not a huge market in the first place. But I do think you can expect it to be outsold at about the same rate as everywhere else.

Sillicur1246d ago

Most likely yeh, but why do you think so?

700p1246d ago

I expect a great launch while many more get to play a great console.

Clarence1246d ago

Its not selling well here in the states. It sure in the hell won't sell well in South Africa.

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