The PS4 Edition Becomes the Biggest Diablo III Console Launch

The PS4 edition becomes the biggest Diablo III console launch, pipping the original Xbox 360 edition by around 500 units.

‘Diablo III Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition’ brings Activision Blizzard’s long-running Action RPG to PS4 and Xbox One and in the process hands the franchise its first ever All Formats No1.

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RyuCloudStrife644d ago

Each time I play is 4+ hours straight.

MeliMel644d ago

Lmao.... same here man. Last night rd. Qrtr to 8 I said let me just play for an hr. Look at clock, shit it midnight and ibhad to get up at 530am for work. Damn... im having a Blast playing it tho. Its actually been taking away from my Last of Us run...not for long tho back on that today...

starrman1985644d ago

Just one more rift! (5 hours later)

AntoineDcoolette644d ago

Cant wait until I get a PS4 and D3.

Anyway great news for Sony and Blizzard

SmielmaN644d ago

It's hard to keep track of time playing this. I told my wife last night "I'm just going to kill this boss then I'm heading to bed. Shouldn't e too much more than a half hour". 2hrs later "sh!t, I gotta get up early tomorrow!" Lol

PONTIAC08G8GT644d ago

You lose track of time because theres always that "what if" your waiting for. What if a legendary drops, or what if you miss out on a rift guardian. The game is extremely fun, I don't care what system you buy it on.

Perjoss644d ago

"The PS4 Edition Becomes the Biggest Diablo III Console Launch"

this is really impressive considering the install base of both the PS3 and Xbox360 compared to how the PS4 is just getting started.

chrismichaels04644d ago

I originally played this game with my friends on PC. But now with even more of my friends playing it on PS4, I would love to pick up the PS4 version down the road. Such an awesome game. Good to see it performing so well on the PS4.

jjb1981643d ago

I know exactly what you mean

MRMagoo123643d ago

I myself am sitting on 146 paragon lvl after getting this game yesterday lol, it seems to be easier to lvl paragons compared to pc, im only at 250 on pc and I have spent way more time on that version because the ps4 one only just came out.

life28643d ago

My first playtrough of Diablo III after buy was 21 hours. No kidding. Me and my friend passed trough campaign by 19 hours followed by another 2 hours on harder difficulty.

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Enemy644d ago (Edited 644d ago )

It plays unbelievably well on PS4. Once you start you just can't stop.

guitarded77644d ago

It's the Pringles of video games.

amnalehu644d ago

I'm glad im not the only one this happened to. I played for over 4 hours non-stop Friday night. It really sucks you in. Well worth the money!

PONTIAC08G8GT644d ago

It plays unbelievable on X1 too. I bought it for 360 last year and still picked this one up. I forgot how addictive the game play is.

MRMagoo123643d ago

wait till the patch comes that brings gold rifts with the new greed boss, its a hoot on pc with the new patch 2.1

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Magicite644d ago

PS4 is bound to be the best among the consoles and eventually across all systems (in terms of software sales)

Enemy644d ago

On consoles? Yeah, it'll probably sell best across PS4 + PS3. Pretty sure it already sold over 15 million copies on PC though.

MRMagoo123643d ago

It wont beat PC , I like a lot of ppl got diablo 3 for free when blizz where doing 1 year subs to WOW, so there are millions of PCs with diablo 3. It might take the consoles highest sales but not PC.

Cryptcuzz644d ago

It has honestly ruined me!

My eyes are dark beneath the eyes from the lack of sleep, consumed more caffeinated drinks to raise Red Bull's stocks and looking up legendary recipe's even while on the pooper.

BallsEye644d ago

500 units? All great but is it even worth mentioning?

DVAcme644d ago

It IS worth mentioning that it beat the launch of the game on a more established console by 500k units. It means that people are already embracing getting the PS4 version of games over the previous gen's, which is a great sign. And 49% of the game's sales on PS4, too, it's obviously th3 console of choice for this game.

Spotie643d ago

10 million units versus about 80 million, and the smaller user base bought more.

That's why it's a big deal.

700p644d ago

i never quite understood this game.

CorndogBurglar643d ago

This game never quite understood you.

Tapewurm643d ago

Love this game.... @SmielmaN... had the exact same conversation with my wife the past 2 nights lol... Surprised by how addictive it is.

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jobboy644d ago

when the porting is great it deserves good sales...

GiggMan644d ago

Agreed. Also hope other devs take note.

Co-op is NOT dead!

iceman06643d ago

Co-op is FOREVER! (I hope! lol)

Cobra951643d ago

Not just porting--more like redesigning. The console version became the best one; then most of the improvements were retrofit to the PC version. Not the ability to play offline, though, which is a shame.

tlougotg644d ago

This is what happens when you make a quality game, not some bs with tons of bugs. That is why i have boycotted COD since MW2, never bought Skyrim on Ps3 and dont waste money on companies that take short cuts or bs specific consoles. Diablo 3 will def get my money off the strength you can tell they went all out with all versions.

kryteris644d ago

this game has been in beta for 2 years now on pc. You console players are stupid lucky to get this in a respectable release quality.

Muzikguy644d ago (Edited 644d ago )

This game is 2 years old already. I bought it at launch for the PC and since busted it and threw it away. It was nothing like it should have been or how you describe it to be. IMO it was the biggest disappointment in gaming over the last 5 years. Definitely wasn't quality and they definitely took shortcuts. Unless you haven't played Diablo2 I can see why one would think highly of this game. I just can't come to play this game anymore , even if it is on consoles.

@kry I agree +1

cartman313644d ago

It's a much better game now.

CorndogBurglar643d ago (Edited 643d ago )

I've been playing Diablo since the original. Sure, Diablo 2 is better and had a better skill tree system and what not, but that in no way makes this one a bad game.

I still enjoy the hell out of it. Granted, it sucked on PC at launch because of the Auction House and the drop system was so shoddy that you could go through an entire playthrough without getting a single lengendary item. They did that to try and drive gamers to spend real money in the auction house. It was playing a Free to Play game that you had to pay for. Now though, they did away with the auction house and fixed the drop system.

I'm still on the first act and I've already found 5 legendary items.

Basically, Blizzard listened to every aspect of the fans' complaints, and fixed nearly all of them.

I do still miss the skill trees from Diablo 2 though.

Muzikguy643d ago

I agree with you @corndog maybe I should try the console version out. I just feel duped. Nobody in their right mind should've thought the RMAH was a good idea. They saw the $$ signs. I don't like how the acts are set up either. As for listening to the complaints, it shouldn't have gotten that far. They released a wildly successful game is D2 and the expansions. Why did they need to mess with that? Who's at fault? I'd like to blame Activision but idk. I envisioned playing Diablo3 for years just like the 2nd game. Didn't even play one month. And yeah, that drop rate wasn't to keep players around that's for sure

Cobra951643d ago

The PC version in its initial form indeed was a huge disappointment. But as I said a few posts up, it was markedly improved when ported to console; and then the PC version was mostly fixed along the same lines. There are good loot drops now, often keyed to your class. There is no more real-money auction house. If you haven't played D3 since shortly after launch, you owe it to yourself to check it out again.

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patrik23644d ago

Good job SONY! PS4 outselling x360 version when there are 8 million x360's in UK and 1 million PS4's

MeliMel644d ago

Lol... good job Blizzard!

PeaSFor644d ago

now get the Lost Vikings on psn!

Silly Mammo644d ago (Edited 644d ago )

Expect to hear MS announce timed exclusivity for Diablo 4 at TGS. :0P


insomnium2643d ago

Yup. This is pretty much a 100% true. Either the whole game or DLC will be timed for MS.

boing1643d ago

With the development time Blizzard is puting in in their games, that would release on Xbox Two. Maybe.

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MRMagoo123643d ago

It gives the WiiU owners something to read /joke