A PS3 or Free Tacos for Life?

Taco Bell is trying to do a good deed. The first person who agrees to give up their PlayStation 3 to Taco Bell will get the equivalent of tacos for life. Your console (should you choose to donate it) won't go to a Taco Bell manager. Instead, the Bell is giving the PS3 to the Boys & Girls Club.

"The PlayStation 3 is on every teen's holiday wish list," said Bob Fulmer, Executive Director, Taco Bell Foundation. "That's why we're offering one lucky individual tacos for life in exchange for giving Boys & Girls Club teens a gift that will keep them in the game."

Should you trade your PS3 for $12,500 in Taco Bell Bucks?

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The_Firestarter4384d ago

Taco Bell sucks anyways! Del Taco is way better. Actually, if I had a PS3 I'd give it to DEL TACO for a LIFE TIME supply of their 1/2 lb. bean & cheese burritos!!!

BIadestarX4384d ago

This is not a bad deal. Let's say something happens to you and you become homeless? What would you do with a PS3 then? There is a better chance that you will need for 5,10,15,20,30 years from now than for you to be playing PS3 during those years.

kmis874384d ago

In the short term it's like, "I'd rather play ps3 than eat tacos everyday!"

But 6 years from now, with the ps4 on the horizon...

Just saying it'd be pretty sweet to get 12500 dollars worth of taco bell. Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme with fire sauce...

death monk4384d ago

I love taco bell! I eat there quite a bit and enjoy the taco goodness. This would rule! I would trade my 360 for this, but obviously that's not what this campaign is for.

And I don't want anybody saying "LOL Death Monk, of course you would trade in your crapbox 360!!!"

PS3n3604384d ago

"LOL Death Monk, of course you would trade in your crapbox 360!!!"

specialguest4384d ago

this doesn't mean i can't buy a PS3 later on. hmm..but then i can sell a PS3 and get nearly 3 times the profit.

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