Are Day One Patches Our Destiny?

Day One patches aren't new. Valve pushed out a major update for Half-Life 2 when it was first released on Steam in 2004. Now, it seems that every game released needs to have a Day One update for players to download. Are Day One patches here to stay? I suspect so.

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HanCilliers1452d ago

Good question, and unfortunately the answer is yes, day one patches are our destiny.

Volkama1451d ago

Destiny isn't really particularly pertinent to the discussion though. Patches (day 1 or otherwise) will be guaranteed to be applied on a game that requires a connection to play.

Games that could potentially be played offline and therefore unpatched make a more interesting talking point.

HanCilliers1451d ago

Most games must be played online though

Volkama1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Industry is moving that way HanCilliers, but it's a long way from it at the moment. The vast majority of console games can be played offline.

In fact I'm not sure there is a game on the new consoles that has a single player component and requires a connection? That was even dropped from Diablo 3 vs the PC version wasn't it?

People rage hard about connection requirements if they perceive them to be artificial (ie the connection isn't fundamental to making the game work).

Sillicur1452d ago

I hate day one patches. Buying a boxed copy and then having to download something when you get home is just meh, but i understand that sometimes it is needed

matt1391452d ago

On top of the fact we now have to install every single game onto the console!

plut0nash1452d ago

That's a requirement for bigger games requiring more I/O than before. IMO that's fine if the installation is quick.

700p1451d ago

Yeah day one patches are annoying. I just wanna play my game!

Omnisonne1451d ago

What bothers me most is that those patches contain vital fixes for the game, but they couldnt implement it before the deadlines.

Meaning that in time, I wont be suprised if (day one) patches contained half of the game. Rendering the game unplayable or simply incomplete for anyone that doesnt have access to internet at the time

lord zaid1452d ago

This isn't even a question anymore. Everything has a Day one patch; its just normal operating procedure now. Not even worth talking about.

plut0nash1452d ago

Only problem is that not everyone can afford to download 50gb patches.

Randostar1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

What game are you playing that has 50gb patches?
Oh Wolfenstien.
I think that was all the extra audio that had to add.

SonZeRo1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

It does seem to be the norm these days, i kind of understand the reason behind them. alot of changes get made after a game goes to disc so it needs those updates, Wolfenstein is just ridonculous though.

plut0nash1452d ago

I still want to know what the 47gb was about...

GabeSA1452d ago

A typical aspect of day one purchases. BF4 and COD were perfect examples, not to mention GTA V had a massive one.

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