Resistance 2 gameplay footage preview - two seconds of gameplay revealed!

In this promo for gt tv's coverage of resistance 2, there are 2 seconds of actual multiplayer gameplay at 0:05!

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Silogon3837d ago

We've seen the miliplayer, show me something decent. something from the single player and it better have better graphics than Resistance 1 and it better have some real time lighting this game too.

Vojkan3837d ago

POG just make another account lol. No matter how much you fake it

poos33837d ago

ypu just saw the sp that was it it looked crap tbh haha quake wars 1.5

heyheyhey3837d ago otage.EVER!!!!!

Calvin_ISA3837d ago

Although I do wonder what that fancy new gun does. :D

Bazookajoe_833837d ago

Thats all i could see from that short clip, the chimera also looked diffrent.. I WANT MORE!!!!!

BulletToothtony3837d ago

half carbine half sniper... that chimera was too close for that gun to have zoomed in so little,

Either way the multiplayer is looking very, very good... even thou i played rfom multiplayer about 2 months i think i'm gonna be playing this multiplayer at least 4 - 6 months, who know maybe even more.. i played cod4 for 7, and right when i got sick of it... mgs4 came out.. good timing hideo..

Bazookajoe_833837d ago

When i think about it, it looked a little to close to be a sniper. I want this game, bad..

SeanScythe3837d ago

anyone with a PS3 could watch the HD video that was added to the store and it had more video of this and it looked really nice.

Spike473837d ago

graphics are great. In my opinion they are as good as the graphics of GOW2.

Now what is important is that the game is fun and it looks like Insomaniac is doing a good job at it.

GiantEnemyCrab3837d ago

Agreed. They do look comparable to God of War 2. I know you didn't mean Gears of War 2 because well then you would be just crazy.

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The story is too old to be commented.