Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale details: 26th Aug-1st Sept 2014

Neil writes "There’s a new Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher sale in town and this week Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners have been treated to some pretty tasty bargains."

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getrektedmate765d ago

Xboxone needs more deals microsoft!

oKidUKo765d ago

Totally agree but theres a lack of choices for them to put on the sale I think.

LAWSON72765d ago

Well they could of at least put NFS Rivals on sale.

JeffGUNZ765d ago

@ Lawson

Thank you. I was thinking the same thing. If they had NFS Rivals for sale with all the DLC, then it's a good deal. I don't own the game, I am not going to go out and buy it so I can get DLC half off.

Almost as useless as Snoop Dog voice pack we got last week!

ghostface9765d ago

ya I am just waiting for need for speed rivals to be put in the the ea access vault then I will pick it up

donthate765d ago

Yup, I mean what games are they going to put on sale, and there is still many months before the new crop of games get old.

Xbox One just needs some time....

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nicksetzer1765d ago

They literally just had titanfall gor 25$, fifa for 45$ and trials fusion for 13$....

hakeem0996765d ago

XboxOne just came out how many deals are you expecting to find? These Next-gen consoles barely have any games .you going to need to wait a year or two before more deals are available .

neil363765d ago

I think the 360 deals are pretty decent this time round though

Kevlar009765d ago

And the good one's aren't all under Gold. Probably gonna pick up the Infinite SP and Far Cry 3

Cobra951765d ago

Surprisingly good and varied selection. I think Guacamelee at half price has my name all over it.

oKidUKo765d ago

Yeah a nice selection and good timing of Dishonored dlc

Volkama765d ago

360 sales are usually worth a look if you still play there. XBox One sales are generally less appetising. This week we don't even get the game on sale, just the content packs!

Mind you I expect NFS will be making an appearence on EA's vault within the next 2 or 3 months, and people might feel a bit hard done by if they were encouraged to buy the game just prior to that.

MSBAUSTX765d ago

I like EA Access but what you just stated is the inherent problem with EA Access and why a lot of people said it was a bad idea. But do not misunderstand me. I am an Access subscriber. However, if I was to buy NFS right now, since there hasn't been an announcement of it coming to the vault, and it came to the vault, I would be pissed off. I love having games given to me for free for only 30 bucks a year but if any of those games end up being something I bought already, I would be sad.

Volkama765d ago

I already own BF4 and FIFA 14, but I wasn't really upset to see them included in Access.

It does make me think twice about buying a new game like Dragon Age Inquisition though. Is it worth spending my money? It'll be just as good when it eventually goes into the vault...

(I actually paid for a Dragon Age Inquisition pre-order about 10 minutes ago, so maybe Access isn't going to save me from my own spending lol).

Starbucks_Fan765d ago

Forza Horizon for about $10 is a decent deal

Cobra951765d ago

Yep. I'm tempted there too.

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