Women Duke It Out For a Free Wii

Ladies, forget "Sex and the City."

Now there's Wii Sports Boxing… and the city.

Last night, Nintendo invited women around the Big Apple to participate in a "Wii Sports Boxing in the City" competition (similar to last year's Wiimbledon). The event was held at a bar and restaurant located in midtown Manhattan, and Nintendo touted it as a chance for females "to throw a virtual punch or two while unwinding from a long day at work."

Seven women. One free Wii. Fourteen furious fists.

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Silogon3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Have people gone completely out of their damn friggin' fargging minds!!!!!!!???

who are these idiots!?

Dancing in your underware like whores, fighting eachother for video games?

What the **** is going on in this world? It is absolutley no wonder why other counties look at Americans like trash and filth, cause we are.

Edit: Ok, so I realise they didn't actually fight but it still rather absurd to gather into a public place to show your dominace for a video game system. Didn't the Wizard try this out and fail epicly?