How to speed up Xbox One game installs - easy download tips

In this brave new connected world, there are few things more arduous than waiting for a progress bar to reach 100%. It's a necessary evil, but there are ways to minimise your mental torture if you know how. Here's a few ways to speed up the installation process and troubleshoot any common problems you might encounter along the way.

Sometimes Xbox Live can interfere with the from-disc installation, and can even slow down the entire process. To speed up the root installation and avoid the risk of any delays, disconnect from Xbox Live, install the game and then reconnect to Xbox Live. Here's how you do it:

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ramiuk11305d ago

disconnect from live,heres howu do it.

i imagine it goes in these steps
1- unplug internet
2- install game
3 reconnect internet.


1-make sure connected to net and signed in
2-download game,if gets stuck at certain % ,thn delete and try again???

jeez im glad that was there because otherwise i wold of been sat there for 3 days watching it not install.

HanzoHattori1304d ago

I agree. That was a waste of time.

gfk3421304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Wow! Totally next gen! *sarcasm*

Do you seriously have to accept this from a Next Gen Console? For me this screams Poor Design and bad OS.

It's like I would buy a new car (model 2014) but in order to start it, I cannot just turn the key, but I'd have to follow several procedures that would imply getting out/in the car.

Can you imagine?!

Forget about it... according to some people's opinion (many of such opinions I've heard) Xone is getting better and better...

Well they might be right as the procedure from the article makes Xone much better!

Pogmathoin1304d ago

Were you trolling, or sarcastic? Will I be tagged for Trolling?

ramiuk11305d ago Show
traumadisaster1304d ago

My x1 jacks up on not one, but every frigin game I have bought. On release day it took half the day to get it un-stuck between all the installs, updates, lock-ups. My friend and I took the day off work and kids to sit there, cuszing this joker! Half the time I put in disc now and it doesn't even respond unless I power cycle. I've called ms support several times and they see it all the time.

TRD4L1fe1304d ago

I sense BS.

I've called ms support several times and they see it all the time.

what does that even mean???

traumadisaster1303d ago

You're right I didn't finish that thought, too much to write. I've called them around 3 times with issues and they make side comments about issues with installs occuring.

TheFallenAngel1304d ago

This is one thing my brother complains about the xbone. He said installs are painfully slow.

JeffGUNZ1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

They are. I have 30Mb download currently and the ditigal purchases are brutal. I downloaded the NHL 15 demo last nigh, it's like 2.5 GB and the thing took 10 minutes to download. I am dreading downloading Destiny, it will take forever. They need to open pre-load for every title ASAP to fix this issue.

Rocky51304d ago

Why not just select go offline from the network menu in settings?

Or better yet when it prompts you to install the update say no, but this is a bit redundant since you will need to install the update anyways.

You install the game for the first time, they download the update & apply it as it's installing, if you skip the update you still need to install the game, then download the update & install it.

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The story is too old to be commented.