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David Jagneaux from The Koalition writes: "Last year, I criticized Madden NFL 25 for playing it too safe. While not being a bad game by any means, it failed to really push the franchise forward in meaningful ways and felt like a stagnation rather than a true iteration. Part of that was probably due to developing for the PS4 and XB1 for the first time, in addition to the then current generation hardware, but I digress. This year, Madden was developed for the PS4 and XB1 first and foremost and it truly shows."

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SwiffEpics1368d ago

This game kicks ass! My favorite madden game ever.

jaggernaut251367d ago

Oh yeah? Which team do you play with, SwiffEpics?

MCTJim1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

that does indeed describe the game..I agree!!! Got it on EA access, played my six hours of gameplay, then bought the game today 10% off. This is the best Madden yet with all the great features!! Well done EA...Well Done!!

700p1367d ago

Yeah its one of the best madden out there.

Macdaddy711367d ago

Oh yea if you playing on the PS4 or Xbox One you don't know what your missing...don't spend your money on 360 n PS3.... Save your money and buy the Next Gen WILL regret if you don't...the next gen madden kicks ass this year....they not a Next Gen game out that looks any better then Madden...
By the way don't play a ps3/360 hooked up beside a X1/ps4 cause it will make you sick at the diff,.. If your a Football/Madden fan Next Gen system is a MUST BUY!!!!!!

Spotie1367d ago

You... just say things, don't you?