Top 20 Best Open World Games That You Will Never Stop Playing

GamingSoFar: Open World Games feels you to explore, do as you want and drive anything. Here are the best 20 open world games of all time, check the list.

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Codewow1425d ago

I've never played Infamous to begin with.

And as long as Red Dead Redemption remains on last gen console, I don't think I'll be playing that forever. :(

I will definitely be returning to Skyrim, Minecraft, and a few others as the years go by.

scark921425d ago

Happy to see S.T.A.L.K.E.R there!

WeAreLegion1425d ago

I still can't put Just Cause 2 down.

LAWSON721425d ago

This site cracks me up, AC3 is the best open world AC game? Yeah... no. It is by far the most linear and least open of all the games. I am sure Infamous is great and all but the best open world game? Guess we all have are opinions. Also why is it the only game special enough to get two games of a franchise included?

franwex1425d ago

Wow, Arcanum made the list? That game is too glitchy!!
Loved the Ultima VII review from Spoony!
The first Crackdown for the 360 was surprisingly cool too. I remember getting it for the Halo 3 beta; but was so into Crackdown itself that I didn't even cared to participate in it after all.

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