4Chan Presents A Women In Games Tribute To Corrinne Yu

One Angry Gamer "4Chan has been working with The Fine Young Capitalists to do the opposite of a certain other individual and a series of trope videos, to actually show the positive, good and productive side of females in the gaming industry. It’s not all about making one sex feel guilty for enjoying games; it’s about making both genders feel proud to call themselves gamers."

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pwnsause_returns1148d ago

LOL im assuming this in retaliation which what happened with Zoe Quinn...Seriously though, if all of those allegations are true (and they seem true) then wow...thats not just vile, but its a black eye in the industry itself.

WilliamUsher1148d ago

They're true.

The Fine Young Capitalists got their campaign doxxed by The One We Shall Not Name.

In retaliation, 4Chan decided to support The Fine Young Capitalists as a capital middle-finger to all those who backed The One We Shall Not Name and helped bury The Fine Young Capitalists without doing any research or... their freaking jobs.

Good on 4Chan for representing the community in the right way. Maybe the a-holes at the larger sites will learn a thing or two about what it means to be a real gamer from those guys and gals.

iamnsuperman1148d ago

You no what is bad is 4chan has done the right thing and the supports of The One We Shall Not Name/the big sites haven't. 4chan lives and breaths on trolling or doing dark stuff. But they are doing the right thing here. Those supporters and other sites should be ashamed they are being outclassed by 4chan

xer01148d ago


This is what surprises me about this 4chan article.
Although the community loves to troll and do dark stuff; they are not all bad apples.

Zoe Quinn should really be ashamed of herself for what happened. And The Fine Young Capitalists deserve this new found support.

ATi_Elite1148d ago

OK her accolades include


along with video games........I think I have just found the PERFECT WOMAN!

SilentNegotiator1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Talented women vs untrue tropes.

Eonjay1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Can't stand what they did with Zoe Quinn and that scamming scandalous vindictive woman, but I love me some Corrinne Yu.

According to the video, she helped create Direct3D aka DirectX.
She is literately a boss. Like nuclear reactor and space shuttle program creating boss. And she is basically a graphics engine creating machine.

Concertoine1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

She's proof that a talented woman has no trouble entering this industry without any shenanigans.

JusticeSoulTuna1148d ago

Exactly. None of this crap about 'harassment' or 'glass ceilings' or 'a boys' club'. Like Bonnie Ross in 343 Industries, she just got on with it. Those are the sort of people we should respect

xer01148d ago

Her intellect is rather appealing! ;)

incendy351148d ago

Wow, how old was she in 1992 when Direct3D first came about :D.

PR_FROM_OHIO1148d ago

And now she's with Naughty Dog!!!!!! Let that sink in folks!!!

Trigger_War1148d ago

Drawing triangles in a 3D environment is really boring without software to support it. Believe me.

paulogy1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I hope they do many more of these. Could be expanded to include interviews etc. as well.