SNK registers trademarks for The Last Blade, The King of Fighters, Maximum Impact, Athena Asamiya

Today marks the 20th anniversary of SNK Playmore's KOF franchise. Unfortunately, it looks like the fighting games maker has nothing to announce on this momentous occasion.

But it isn't complete radio silence on the SNK fighting games' front; today the trademark_bot Twitter account has uncovered a number of noteworthy trademark registration filings that SNK Playmore has recently made.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081368d ago

2.5 style like SF4 and GGXRD, yes. 3D like TEKKEN and DOA, no.
Anyway, i'm glad to hear that a new KOF game is in development!

maniacmayhem1368d ago

I wanna see a new KoF in the same graphic style as Guilty Gear Xrd!

Mister4281368d ago

If theyre going to take the 3D route then they should do it like Guilty Gear Xrd, yes. Just hope they will announce soon!

catalyst_nc1368d ago

We need a new actual entry in the KoF series. 13 was good, they just need to launch with strong net code this time out.