Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game Summer updates to add ‘super cute’ beach looks

Gaming Everywhere: "Glu Games has announced that new updates for red carpet adventure Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Game are in the works and coming soon."

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DarkOcelet1393d ago

Why is such an abomination is here ? Nobody cares .

stavrami-mk21392d ago

they should port this over ,imagine this in all its glory at 1080p 60fps .magnificent

InMyOpinion1392d ago

Destroy my scrotum with a sledgehammer. Now.

stavrami-mk21392d ago

I'm way ahead of you buddy, waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of you

jonboi241392d ago

This is the punishment gamers get for all the years of trolling, team killing, tea bagging, rage quitting, racist and sexiest slurs.

Rimgal1392d ago

Yesssss. The news I've been waiting.

Super cute beach looks to the Kardashian mobile game, this just made my day.


JasonBloodbourne1392d ago

Game of the year right here folks!

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