Reddit Allows Gamers To Expose Gaming Media’s Conflict Of Interests

One Angry Gamer "Well this is a shocking turn of events. Who would have expected that after all the silencing, all the blackouts and the mustache twirling antics to keep a certain issue from surfacing up for all to see, managed to finally bubble over like an overstuffed pot full of piping hot chili waiting to explode? Well, the chili has exploded."

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001395d ago

hopefully it's only a matter of time before it goes into full swing.

DragonKnight1395d ago

I don't recall N4G silencing anything. Anyone have proof of that?

temple1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

If it hadn't been for N4G I wouldn't have found out about it at all, honestly. I go to Reddit, but not for gaming news. It wasn't until this whole thing started that I checked r/games. I wish other sites were covering the story instead of covering their asses.

Edit: Changed r/gaming to r/games.

001395d ago

I'm pretty sure there going to have to start covering it soon, the longer they wait the more suspicious they look.

FriedGoat1395d ago

It was silenced on N4G. The larger story got reported voted back and then reported.

dirigiblebill didn't seem to understand how corruption in game journalism is related to the games industry......


"Making web traffic out of somebody's depression-fuelled break-up on the basis of one-sided allegations is about the lowest thing I've seen anybody do on N4G. This article is cynical fuel for violent idiots. Whoever wrote and/or circulated it should be utterly ashamed."

DragonKnight1395d ago

Meh, it looks like it was failed due to a broken link, which was true and did fail other stories before. If N4G had wanted to truly censor the story then you couldn't see literally anything about it, including this article and any blogs on the subject.

I've never seen Nineball fail a story for stupid reasons either. I think this article blew up one instance too much.

Th4Freak1395d ago

The website was offline for hours because our friend Zoe called to the hosting company crying and they got the website down for like 5-6 hours so from here all I see is an admin doing his job.

Th4Freak1395d ago

Actually I got 2 comments removed by an admin because "they were offensive" even though I censured myself by adding asterisks to the words that could've been considered offensive.

But other than that no one got banned and no article got censured as far as I know.

Mr Pumblechook1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

@WilliamUsher. In that example the story received 18 approvals. one person lamed the story, 90 disagreed, 3 agreed. However that was enough to kill it. How is that fair?

Mr Pumblechook1395d ago

Great article.
Previously N4G contributors with multiple bubbles have LAMED articles because they said they don't have anything to do with games. But this is wrong because If the websites presenting us news about games have not been ethical then it means the information might be tainted.

The problem is the video game reporting industryis actually a small place, across the bigger companies everybody knows everybody and nobody wants to upset anybody who might block a future employment opportunity so everyone stays silent.

I don't think blogs should throw mud at individuals but when there is wrong doing it should be exposed and guilty parties should be accountable. The fact that the Kotaku editor and Polygon editor refuse to take action against their staff speaks volumes - and underlines why they both lack credibility.

Reddit and N4G are places that allow the honesty of the industry to be discussed, but without protection there is that constant risks of contributors using LAME to kill a story that they don't like to protect a favoured website or friend. I would like the management at N4G to codify the allowances of discussion in the industry to prevent people abusing the N4G reporting system.

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WeAreLegion1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Streisand Effect.

I recommend watching Boogie2988's video about the whole thing.

DefenderOfDoom21395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

to WeAreLegion , yeah i saw the Boogie2988 video early this morning . I loved what he said . Also just wanted to add , that the majority of gamers , do not go to sites about video games or watch YOUTUBE videos about games . Yet , so many, so called video games journalist, believe the events from this story are hurting the video game industry. I even called 4 GAMESTOPS and 2 mom and pop video game stores yesterday, and they have no idea who PHIL FISH is! This kinda of stuff has been going on, in the entertainment industry for decades ! That is part of the reason, why a lot of gaming sites are not making a big deal out of this.

WildArmed1395d ago

Hah, that was quite dramatic:

"Originally, places like Reddit, N4G and other forums and discussion threads tried to silence the community like a protestor in a fascist state. They tried to keep gamers down like the corrupted powers fighting against civil rights. They attempted to enact a measure of thought control against the people they thought they controlled, but they failed. Gamers prevailed, and their voices cannot be silenced by the disturbed and corrupt towers that seek to manipulate and distort the flow of information"

scark921395d ago

I wonder what will change after all this commotion, I am glad that all this opened up to us.

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