Hey, Remember When MGS And FF Were Exclusive To Sony?

It seems that both franchises were at their respective peaks when they were exclusive to the PlayStation platform. Does it mean anything, though?

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LightDiego1420d ago

Great times, indeed. I still have hope for MGS because of Kojima, i don't know about FF because of Square-Enix, this company is a big joke nowadays.

bennissimo1420d ago

Funny. I have zero hope for MGS because of Kojima, but to each, his own.

Grave1420d ago

Ya, because Metal Gear has progressively got worse with each release. /s

godofboobees1420d ago

Probably the dumbest thing I've ever read.

nX1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

Both MGS and FF were not PS exclusives from the start. But in my honest opinion the best entries in these franchises are PS exclusives (FF9 and MGS4).
Although looking into the future MGS:5 and FF15 both actually look so good that they will probably take the top spot :)
And I have to say that I really don't care about the past, these franchises were only exclusive because at that time, Sony offered the best platform for their creators vision (and space requirements).

GrandpaSnake1420d ago

blind hater mgs>halo/cod for me

bennissimo1420d ago

Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Mine's based on playing enough of his games to know he does some things well and some things badly. Attaching his name to Silent Hills doesn't immediately imbue me with a sense of hope and awe, as I'm sure it does you.

Speaking of MGS5, horse poo, anyone?



Well, to each his own, but can we put the whole "oh horse poop" to rest? It's obviously done as comic relief (something MGS is well known for), it's not like they were trying to make a point out of it (like COD's fish AI on their unveil).

assdan1419d ago

Why? Because he's only made good game?

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Cueil1420d ago

Metal Gear Solid was never a Sony exclusive... the original was on PC as well... in fact put there by Microsoft in a agreement with Konami to swap games... Konami put Microsoft PC games on PS1 and Microsoft put PS1 games on PC

2pacalypsenow1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

MGS was released on ps1 in 1998 and 2000 on Pc so it was exclusive for almost 2 years and MGS 4 is still only on Ps3 and also PO and acid are only on PS consoles .

Metal Gear solid is most known as a PS franchise and most of its fanbase is on Playstation

And The Premium Packages of MGS 1,2,3,4, rising are only on Playstation consoles

lsujester1420d ago

Both of those franchises had their start with Nintendo. Regardless of that, being exclusive versus non is not the reason for any quality dip.

This used to be a decent site for gaming, but Ben Dutka has went past that line from Playstation enthusiast into irrational fanboy.

BiggerBoss1420d ago

@isujester. Metal gear didn't start on Nintendo just saying:)

lsujester1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Well, it technically started on MSX2 and later ported (and changed) over to the NES/Famicon very soon after. So I guess it's PC and Nintendo, even if the NES versions are jacked up. But the point was that Sony had nothing to do with the origins of Metal Gear.

Unless you're referring to Metal Gear Solid, in which case I have to remind you that that is not the beginning of the series.

EDIT: I also see now that I replied to the wrong fracking comment originally. lol

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Bobby Kotex1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

MGSV is not an automatic buy after that Ground Zeroes money grab.

our_games_are_art1420d ago

I thought that game was the perfect holdover/teaser... I know I may be in the minority or am just to invested in my unpopular opinion. But I really liked MGS GZ! And I got it cheap..

BBBQ_BYOBB1420d ago

I also got it cheap and thought it was awesome!

GrandpaSnake1420d ago

i bought it for 20 when it released
and im still playing it right now


I don't think Bobby was disputing Ground Zeroes quality as a game, but it's attempted price (which was indeed a money grab).

Not that I agree with him anyway... I didn't liked the money grabbing, but it would only be relevant to MGS5 for me if they go and price it beyong the usual 60 bucks, i.e. if it started a trend.

tiffac0081419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

MGS:GZ wasn't bad it was just short and the original price was just not justified.

Also why are a lot of people forgetting that both franchise started on a Ninty platform?

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badz1491420d ago


remember that Metal Gear and Final Fantasy are both older than the PS brand?

Gh05t1420d ago

remember how both series started in America on NES...

otherZinc1420d ago

I remember when both games got their start on Nintendo.

BiggerBoss1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

You remember wrong, because metal gear didn't get it's start on Nintendo. The series started on the MSX2 and Metal Gear got a cheap port to NES done by a third party company (not Konami). Just fun fact of the day:)

Dark111420d ago

Great times? you want less people to play the games?

Xsilver1420d ago

Every Since FF and Devil May Cry went multiplatform it's never been the same

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BrandanT1420d ago

Wasn't Final Fantasy franchise on Super Nintendo before the Playstation?

sAVAge_bEaST1420d ago

Chrono Trigger, (One of my most Beloved RPG's of all time)SNES../also with Dragon Warrior/quest.NES

Final Fantasy 1-7 were great too.

admiralvic1420d ago

It was and the NES before that. I believe it became a "Sony exclusive" due to the file size, cost and possibly install base. Something like VII would have been held back and been absurdly costly (discs are cheaper and store more than a cart) on the N64, so they kept it to the PlayStation, which is where it remained until some time later when the Xbox came around.

Godmars2901420d ago

It was only on the Xbox with Thirteen. Though the franchise had been suffering since...Seven.

There. I said it. Disagree away.

solidjun51420d ago

@Godmars I disagree. I quite enjoyed Final Fantasy 9 and 10. 8 had great character designs and FMV. The story was a bit...piss poor.

Jilokle1420d ago

Final Fantasy was supposed to be released on the N64, but as you said, due to limitation storage space Square opted to release it on the PS1 and became FF7.

BiggCMan1420d ago

@Godmars. Final Fantasy 11 was actually on Xbox 360 and PC.

Godmars2901420d ago

FF7 was the start of Square putting style before substance. The start of Square Enix exploiting SquareSoft's reputation rather than building upon it. Of being a publishing corporation along the lines of EA and Activision, too big to afford to be creative while using tons of cash for over-hyped productions, rather than a developer studio with room for experimentation.

The game itself was good, but nothing followed it improved on it. Aside from FF9, which was Sakaguchi's swan song so some all-around effort was put into it.

No. Tech demo using FF4 characters. Differences between carts and CDs at the time made FF7 prohibitive on the N64. At the very least it wouldn't have been the game known today.

FF - *Online* takes direct elements from past series entries. FF11 and FF14 are not proper entries in the main series and as such should never have been counted as entries.

DOMination-1420d ago


Your reasoning makes no sense because Square didn't merge with Enix until the time between 9 and 10. In fact, at the time of FF7, Squaresoft were pretty small. Thats why they needed Sony to publish it in the west and help translate it - because they didn't have the resources.

FFX was for me the first one that went really downhill. No proper world map, linear corridors, awful voice acting, convoluted story, unlikable main character. These are all things that FF13 gets slated for but were also present in 10. The latter gets a free ride because it was a playstation exclusive. This is all of course, just in my opinion

Godmars2901420d ago

My reasoning makes no sense to you and many because you're taking it too literally. FF7 isn't a bad game, but just like the high school jock who's best moment was the big game, FF7 became the defining moment never reached again. It was all downhill afterwards. FF8 saw an end to mini-games, the movie studio/Spirits Within marked an obsession over graphics and failure to develop a story, while FF13 was rock bottom.

Sure, not many think that, but then those same people look for the Final Fantasy name while ignoring actual content. Defend the franchise only by the "logic" of liking the franchise.

tommygunzII1420d ago

FFXI and FFXII were great games.

FFXI to this day is my favorite game of all time. A true masterpiece.

AndrewLB1419d ago

The only Sony "Exclusive" final fantasy games were IX and X.

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HugoDrax1420d ago

Metal Gear and Snakes Revenge released on the NES in the states. I remember watching my cousin and brother play through both games when I was younger.

ShinMaster1420d ago

I'm guessing you didn't read the article. They addressed that there.

Besides that's not what the article is about. It's about the quality of those franchises dropping once they stopped being PlayStation exclusive.

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DarkOcelet1420d ago

I dont think any mgs game will beat mgs1 , every single one was a masterpiece but the first iteration of a series is usually remembered as the best . At least for me .

URNightmare1420d ago

MGS3 and Peace Walker are my favorite followed by MGS2 and MGS4. I never played MGS1 btw.

solidjun51420d ago

MGS3 was wonderful. I loved 4 as well, but 3's story was absolutely wonderful.

scark921420d ago

MGS3 is my favourite also, such a beautiful game!

DarXyde1420d ago

Snake Eater is also my favorite. Best story of them all with the most revolutionary mechanics, gameplay, and soundtrack in my opinion. Though I found the Psycho Mantis and Gray Fox fights to be incredibly memorable. Then again, The End and The Boss were nothing short of epic and beautiful respectively.

I love this franchise wholeheartedly. Really, I do. It's kept me in gaming forever.

Revengeance1420d ago

MGS 4 was my favorite followed by MGS1

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_FantasmA_1420d ago

I've only played a little bit of 3, but already I've enjoyed it more than 1. I just couldn't get into 4, and 2 was fun but kind of bizarre (Fatman? naked pretty boy whiny blonde chick? overly complex story? wtf!)

cpayne931420d ago

I agree, mgs 1 is my second favorite game of all time. I would rank the series from best to worst like this:

Mgs 1
Peace Walker
Mgs 3
Mgs 2
Mgs 4
Portable Ops

All excellent games though.

Relientk771420d ago

Yeah, when Final Fantasy games were amazing

majiebeast1420d ago

IX was the last really good Final Fantasy 10 and 12 were good. After that franchise became mediocre not helped by their obsession for Lightning.

DigitalRaptor1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

I find it ironic that the last real hope of the franchise returning to the form is FFXV, but even that is not following the traditional FF formula in terms of gameplay.

I'll still take that game over XIII or any of its sequels.. ANY day of the year.

Imalwaysright1420d ago

Yeah because of Squaresoft.

scark921420d ago

Yeah I think the original team have their own company now, I may be wrong.

WeMissedTheExit1420d ago

3rd party companies go multi-platform to stay profitable so they can keep making games... I'm just saying.