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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Possible Leak on 4chan

"Back in July we posted some details that were sent to our YouTube channel, while we were creating videos about the up-coming Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. Some parts were plausible while other parts, we admit were not. Whole month later and we have even more details, but this time there’s a difference. The details below wasn’t sent to us however, they were posted by somebody who goes by the name “Leaker” on the 4chan /v/ board. This is what he had to say:" (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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rodiabloalmeida  +   339d ago
Oh snap. Hold your horses. Spoilers incoming from an unhappy Konami unemployed.
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Nitrowolf2  +   339d ago
Sorry, but the release date to me just makes this so fake. Why would they announce the release date of this year at TGS. It's to soon IMO, so it doesn't make sense to me at all when E3 could have been for that.

I mean it's possible, considering that the DLC from Ground Zero for Phantom Pain is suppose ot be out early 2015, but still doesn't make sense to me.

Also the one saying Kojima never been to the branch.
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rodiabloalmeida  +   339d ago
It could be a fake. Or it could be a real deal. To be honest, I don't care. But I fear for the people who gonna play the game after reading something like that (supposing that is true).
extermin8or  +   339d ago
But if you consider the fact Kojima himelf tweeted an adavance copy of a magazine spread advertising MGS5 with the release date listed as q4 2014 just a week or so ago then suddenlly the release date gains credibility. I read no further than the release date however....
Randostar  +   338d ago
Actually since this is Kojima, TGS wouldn't be that unlikely of a place to unveil it.
Patrick_pk44  +   338d ago
Kojima tweeted a picture of a magazine talking about MGS, which lists the release date in 2014 Q4. The leaker also said the date will be announced at TGS, so wait for that if you aren't convinced.
styferion  +   338d ago
"Q)What is the exact release date?
A)End of this year, they will announce it in TGS 2014."

damn that's a megaton if it's true.
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DonDon  +   339d ago
Damnit looks like there is no MGO3. The base raiding is the online multiplayer. No PvP? Damn i'm gonna miss MGO if that's true.

However, this leak says the game will come at end of year after an announcement at TGS. I doubt it will come that soon though, so this could all be a load of bullspit.
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extermin8or  +   339d ago
You forget kojimas tweet of the magazine spread of an adavance copy of a german magazine with the "Q4 2014" release date. Kojima himself tweeted the pic and refused to answer anyone asking about the date in the advert....He's also said it could arrive this year it depecned on instal base of new generation consoles as he'd want it to be fairly high, well they've sold well....
Baka-akaB  +   338d ago
Mgo has always been treated as separate , so it could very come up as a free dlc after release . Let's just hope it wont be like that
Am_Ryder  +   337d ago
I've got a sinister feeling they aren't just going to release MGO3 as a separate download, but that they are going to make us pay for it.

Imagine MGO3 being a standalone game like MGSV: Ground Zeroes was. You pay £10-20 bucks and get the online portion of MGSV.

Though they could go the Uncharted 3 route and make it F2P, with microtransactions built in to make it economically viable.

I don't think I'd be able to forgive Konami for that.
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FoxHound_  +   338d ago
http://www.neogaf.com/forum... Don't worry about MGO being replaced, an employee confirmed base raiding is separate on GAF.
Patrick_pk44  +   338d ago
Another studio is working on MGO. Don't worry it will come, but probably not at launch.
Kavorklestein  +   338d ago
This game looks very cross gen, so it better come out in 2014 so people don't criticize it's graphics when heavy hitters like Bloodbourne and The order come out and make it look weak (graphically speaking). Plus, if the hype boils up too long, it will pop, I think this game will be out this year after all.

No reason why not in my opinion.
EinRobot  +   338d ago
Yeah, the base raiding is so similar to the single player game that I don't see them developing it at a separate studio. Plus I remember hearing somewhere that vehicles and horses were going to be involved in the multiplayer. MGO will be bigger than just base raiding.
tkato  +   338d ago
nope nope nope, not gonna read, even if it's fake.
chrissx  +   338d ago
Wow,if this is true then its some real major spoilers. Hope its not,..too late I read it :/
Gatsu  +   338d ago
Omg the game will be so awesome if true, but goddamit why did I read this T_T ...
cfc78  +   338d ago
Possible release this year get in that's as far as I read lol .
LAWSON72  +   338d ago
Yeah quit there, lol. It is very SPOILER heavy.
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inmusicutrust  +   338d ago
Glad I read the comments first! Thank you.
LAWSON72  +   338d ago
"Q)What is the exact release date?
A)End of this year, they will announce it in TGS 2014."

Wow it is to come out this year. That is crazy if it turns out true.
Twiggy  +   338d ago
That will give me a game to look forward to for Christmas anyhow!
WitWolfy  +   338d ago
I want to believe....
Twiggy  +   338d ago
Wait.. this is the leaked story from a few weeks back? I read that thing.. O_O
rebeljoe14  +   338d ago
MUST...RESIST...urge to read article
KillerPwned  +   338d ago
I read down to the release date and stopped I tried to go on reading in the spoilers. But I was remembered of how shocked I get when I play those games for the first time. Its sends chills down your spine. Not many games do that for me personally so I can't read on for spoilers but I really hope it comes out say Dec 2014.
My_Outer_Heaven  +   338d ago
This seems so fake.. some things could be just great guesses but a majority of it seems bogus.

No mention of Mantis.. and Big Boss not having a coma for 9 years instead he was working for Skullface after the events of Ground Zeroes? Cmon thats the stupidest thing I've heard. Ocelot for starters know's Big Boss has been in a coma his explains that in the trailer during the playthrough demo.

Why else would snake have shrapnel in his head if he didnt have a coma after the helicopter crash.

This is certainly fake and someone at 4chan is trolling. Don't believe a word of any of this it's just people screwing with gamers and MGS fans.
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mmcglasson  +   337d ago
I agree to an extent. It would be very easy for Konami to find out who leaked this information based off of IP address. Then they would probably take him to court. This guy is probably making some great guesses. However, I hope some of what he is saying isn't true.
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Agent_hitman  +   338d ago
Here's the leak: Metal Gear Solid 5 is coming to PC.. Oh wait!, it is not a secret anymore lol
WitWolfy  +   338d ago
Does this mean David Hayter DLC is confirmed too? ;)
listenkids  +   338d ago
Some inconsistencies, but you never know.
Shotcalm  +   337d ago
this is fake. Metal gear online was announced.

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