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Assassin's Creed: Unity - New Leaked Beta Video Shows 10 Minutes Of Gameplay

YouTube’s ‘nivek elia’ has leaked a new video from the closed beta phase of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, showing 10 minutes of gameplay footage. (Assassin's Creed Unity, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Update Story has been updated with a working video

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aceitman  +   281d ago
man that screen tearing is crazy
LordMe  +   281d ago
Generally screen tearing would be the last thing worked on, they still have time to work on it.

That said Assassin's Creed has always had some big issue's with the technical side.
Sashamaz  +   281d ago
If there is anything that will convince me not to buy this game, it's this video, really hoping the next gameplay vids shown towards release are better than this.
oODEADPOOLOo  +   281d ago
I can only imagine how many more bugs there will be from now on from an annual release.
starchild  +   280d ago
I'm glad the video got taken down. These kinds of videos do more harm than good, since a lot of people are apparently too clueless to understand that they in no way represent the final game.
darkslayer208  +   281d ago
the graphics are xboned..
Avenger411  +   280d ago
lol made me laugh :)
Metallox  +   281d ago
Paris looks ok. In comparison with other AC cities, this one seems to have more personality, which is a great thing.
TheKingWilliamV  +   281d ago
Compared to AC IV this game looks boring, I originally was going to purchase this but after seeing this I might have to gamefly it instead.
placiid  +   281d ago
Judging the full game from a beta gameplay...
caughtinyourwords  +   280d ago
Sometimes the "beta" version is better. Watch Dogs anyone ?
bixxel  +   281d ago
No.It's far better than Black Flag.And it's a true AC game unlike Black flag.But yeah,I respect your opinion.
smolinsk  +   280d ago
How do you know?? the game is not out yet;)

the thing is that AC 3 and 4 sold allot more games then past AC games, and this one will for sure not beat that.
bixxel  +   280d ago
From info leaked so far.
Twiggy  +   281d ago
Hm.. I was hoping to see the huge crowds they were flaunting at E3, here's hoping no downgrades will be dished out, I count that as false advertising.
dcj0524  +   281d ago
Why are you judging closed beta footage?
smolinsk  +   281d ago
Who cares about Paris in a video game, looks boring, love History but this looks so boring. Give me A world war or some more Pirate games settings:) Its a shame that there is no country side no more, loved that stuff in assassins 3 and 4
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Aloren  +   281d ago
That 10 minutes beta gameplay looks boring ? or a game in Paris during the french revolution looks boring ???

What makes you say that ? I think you should wait till you see more of the game... Paris back then was eight times bigger than what Philadelphia, New York, and Boston combined were at the time; I imagine it will be quite big in the game too.
bixxel  +   281d ago
Paris has 1:1 scale.They confirmed that Paris is 3 TIMES BIGGER than all of the landmass in AC IV Black Flag combined.
Proof: http://www.gameplanet.com.a...
And here too:
manchesterman22  +   281d ago
I love it when people watch a youtube video of a game and then comment about the graphics!! how dumb can you be?? REALLY!!
mogwaii  +   280d ago
Screen tearing jaggy xbone mess!
skulz7  +   280d ago
Its a beta! God Damn people join hate bandwagons so quickly. To those saying it has crap graphics read in to the game. The original leaker said that the textures were downgraded, crowds were smaller, compat wasn't working and the map was minimised for the beta. This is not the bloody final product! Read previews, they all say the graphics are incredible and read the latest game informer article about 12000 npcs appearing on screen for a mission. This beta was meant to test the gameplay mechanics. People who join these hate bandwagons piss me off.
AtariFanboy  +   280d ago
It really surprises me how so many people love 3 and 4 compared to this, considering 3 and 4 left everything that made Assassin's Creed popular in the first place.
guyman  +   280d ago
TheKingWilliamV  +   280d ago
The reason why this doesn't appeal to me is based on the location. France in my opinion offers nothing exciting, AC IV with pirates was epic, wild life etc.... France for myself is exciting as watching paint dry.
smolinsk  +   280d ago
Right on:) Yes AC 3 and 4 was more mainstream, a lot easier to just pick op and play, and the more open world made it appealing to a lot more, AC 1 and 2 was to confusing,had an okay vibe of history but lacked the open world and the wildlife and a little les confusing gameplay. This is why 3 and 4 sold a lot better. so now thy go back again, not that smart sales wise. Open world with wildlife and big citys, not only one big city, to boring.
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windblowsagain  +   280d ago
True next gen engine at work

Phene  +   280d ago
Got damn ...I forgot how jaw dripping Infamous is. Yeh this was one of the best looking games I played on my ps4. First party though, if only everyone could produce this quality.
GeofferyPeterson  +   280d ago
Wow. Looks like shit. Aren't "current-gen" exclusives supposed to look better then "last-gen?"
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