Interview: James Rolfe & Kevin Finn on The AVGN Movie | DoBlu

DoBlu's interview with the Angry Video Game Nerd James Rolfe & co-director Kevin Finn, which details many behind-the-scenes production anecdotes and the complexities of licensing the infamous ET: The Video Game for the Atari 2600

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crusf1489d ago

Nothing makes me happier then seeing a man fulfill his dreams. Started out making cheap horror flixs no one watched to live screening an entire film to entire audiences.

Matt_Paprocki1489d ago

And to think it premiered at a major theater site! It's crazy to see something like this blow up to that degree. Most small indies are lucky to see digital distribution through a major service. This one took the Egyptian Theater.

Ocsta1489d ago

The Angry Video Game Nerd rules! Can't wait for this! Good job James may you only go from strength to strength!