Madden 15 vs Madden 25th - A "Next Gen" Quick Look Comparison

G4TE - Wondering how Madden 15 and Madden 25th on “next gen” stacks up to each other visually? Well it looks like EA Sports is finally giving us that next gen upgrade. Madden 15 seems to set a new bar and this time, its quite a bit higher to its previous iteration.

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RjK311jR1246d ago

why did he use the opening First Interaction!!! of course thats more cinematic

KiwiViper851246d ago

Wow. That's so much better

CoryHG1246d ago

madden 25 was a port with improved lighting. I did not like it. I played Madden 15 at E3 and it felt different, presentation was much improved, and the passing was great. It's worth the pick up.

Angerfist1246d ago

I played Early Access and 15 is such a improvement, especially graphics and presentation.
It's not really my game tho, too many breaks :D