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Gamespot - Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is the most technically stunning video game ever made. It's also a fine example of storytelling prowess within its medium, combining gameplay and narrative so slickly and beautifully that it's impossible to extricate one from the other. It's likely you will emerge awestruck from your first play-through, wishing the experience would continue yet nonetheless satisfied with its conclusion. It's difficult not to sound hyperbolic when discussing MGS4 because every part of its design seemingly fulfills its vision, without compromise. There is no halfway.

The Good:
* A brilliant mixture of storytelling and gameplay
* Mind-blowing audiovisual presentation
* Tight and compelling shooting mechanics
* Gratifying stealth mechanics
* Lots of cool gadgets and weapons that you can tailor to your own style of play.

The Bad:
* Storytelling is heavy-handed
* The single-player experience ends. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 10/10

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fenderputty  +   2578d ago
The Bad: * The single-player experience ends.
Best line ever. Gamespot gives PS3 10/10 ...

I'm playing and loving every minute so far.
fork  +   2578d ago
Lyf is well gud men

u shud try an get wan y wil enjoy it insted of playing this game

Sony is poor man i remmba when burlgar breaked into sony base and....... left money. I saw Kaz Hirai throw in an I.O.U note into a wishing well as well. I not lying. i see'd it myself
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pimpstation  +   2578d ago

Fission Mailed.
TheSadTruth  +   2578d ago
I want a PS3.. too bad they are so expensive. I hope MGS4 gets a PC or Xbox 360 port within the next year ;/
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2578d ago
@fork aka @fork_is_the_back aka @fork_the_lad aka @fork_fork aka @i_wish_you_would_fork_off ;-D
You still filming and being the main star of the 'Dumb and Dumber 3' Film??? ;-D
pimpstation  +   2578d ago
$400 for the 40gig. The best 360 is $450 and it is inferior to the 40gig PS3. Even a Gamecube with motion controls costs $250. So it's not expensive in comparison to the competition.

I've got a PS3 in every room of my house. Course not everyone's got this much cash money.
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JVIDICAN  +   2578d ago
try walmart, get a 40gb ps3 mgs4 and a $100 giftcard
fishd  +   2578d ago
JackBauerIsHIGH  +   2578d ago
Before you make any more posts on this site, PLEASE GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

It hurts my head everytime I see one of your nonsensical posts.
PoSTedUP  +   2578d ago
perils  +   2578d ago
ah more juicy nuggets of sheeat from thon mother forker. what a gimp! ha you should see his comment in which he claims he bought a ps3 and pissed on it then "retarned" it. this guy is lord amongst douche bags! anyway hot damn! a moment of clarity from gamespot or a desperate attempt to salvage some respect? probably a bit of both. awesome game deserves every 10 it gets.
FAQS  +   2577d ago
Q: hey xbots where are you?
Q: Hey guys where are you, guys? come out now, join the foruns?
Q: hey bots, where the f#ck are you? come out an say what exclusive game that you have that had 10/10 in gamespot and Ign?...
Q: hey please tell us what exclusive that you have in you precious xbox 360 that have that scores, please?...
Q: oh. com'on guys...Are you pissed of? Don't be...You're in time to change your oppinion and become PS3 fans...just leave that brainwash that were made to you?...
Q: Ok guys, YOU LOSE!
chaosatom333  +   2577d ago
disgaea  +   2578d ago
HOLY S**** GS gaves a PS3 game a AWESOME SCORE
Violater  +   2578d ago
Thats it folks pack up your flame suits we are going on vacation, see you all at E3.
fork   2578d ago | Spam
PR0F3TA  +   2578d ago
This Just In:

Hell Has Frozen Over and Reports of 4 Horsemen Have Been Seen Coming From The Heavens
Ghoul  +   2578d ago
hey fork. How come your still here and not lifetime banned ?
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keony  +   2578d ago
never heard of old wine tastes the best?
Shaner_Bock  +   2578d ago
@ fork
Bravo! Well said! For a five year old.
Now go back to kindergarten and let us big boys and girls talk about the fact that Lamespot actually gave MGS4 a perfect score.
Chubear  +   2578d ago
This is the first PS3 exclusive GS has given a 9 or higher
I am indeed shocked!... has MS's contract with them been renewed? :P
IzKyD1331  +   2578d ago
this is like the 100th account you made, i dont think you get the message, NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE, neither PS3 or 360 users want to here your fanboyism
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lib9   2578d ago | Off topic | show
BulletToothtony  +   2578d ago
i think that after gamespot wrote that article about they didn't want to go to the konami conference because they didn't want to be bought
and all that bullcrap about not wanting restrictions to review the game and they god about 1,000 comments from pissed off people who have had enough from them.

They realized that the ps3 userbase is not as small anymore.. so they went ahead and want to kiss butt now..

but i'm sure that gamespot hasn't quite been converted yet...
The Power of Red   2578d ago | Off topic | show
Winter47th  +   2578d ago
Act4, Twin Suns, heading back to Shadow Moses and remembering Snake's youth brought tears to my eyes ):

This game is F'ing pure perfection!
Michael Jackson  +   2578d ago
Holy cow!!! That's game f*cking spot!!! Giving a PS3 exclusive a perfect score! It's the end of the world! Signs of the times!
barnes3and1  +   2578d ago
i have a question. I never played MGS 1,2,or 3. But I obviously want to buy this. Will I be able to understand the story or will the entire thing fly over my head?
lessthanmarcus  +   2578d ago
I give MGS4,
after 3 hours of play and yet to play online, an 11/10
theKiller  +   2578d ago
GS give a ps3 exclusive 10/10????????????
the game must be that good that even 360 fanboys cant give it anything less than 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!

wooooooooooooooooow!! wat a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i bet they wanted to get some attention!! well ok i will visit their site just for this reason!!!
jamilion  +   2578d ago
This makes EDGE and Eurogamer look like the BIGGEST idiots in the WORLD!!!!
theKiller  +   2578d ago
EDGE and Eurogamer r the most idiots in the world, they thought they will lead the other sites as usually bashing any ps3 exclusive but sony was clever enough to make a deal for advertising in gamespot, if sony didnt advertise the game in gamespot they would have game it a 10/10 thats for sure!!!
solidt12  +   2577d ago
R U Still Looking For A Reason To Buy A PS3?
For any one without a PS3 or any Xbox360 Owner who has been looking for a reason to buy a PS3, this is it. This game being exclusive on the PS3 makes the PS3 worth more than the $399.99 - $599.00 price tag. Im on Act 4 and im in love. I would pay $1000.00 for a PS3 to play this game.
MicroDeath SoftStar  +   2577d ago
awesome game just awesome
but why are these dumba$$e$ still judging games with numbers and why do people listen to numbers? saying this game is 10 out of 10 will never explain just how compelling/fun/atmospheric this piece of media is and listening to some game journalist whos job is to grind and review games is just lame , i wanna hear the opinion of some game nerd who lives and breaths this stuff and not some jerk who plays a game and finishes it ASAP to make some deadline and say exactly what everyone already knows or wants to hear
thesummerofgeorge  +   2577d ago
This game has set a new standard... It really shows what the PS3 is made of. There is nothing on the market right now that can even touch this game. I was looking forward to MGS4, but I had no idea it was gong to blow me away quite like it did. At the risk of sounding like I work for Sony, straight up ,this game is reason alone to own a PS3... No one who plays video games should miss out on this one.

There my rant of praise is over.
nn  +   2578d ago
game of the year confirmed
epic...must play once more
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jackhammer06  +   2578d ago
MGS4=Game Of Forever!!
Dude...not Just GOTY...MGS4 is Game Of Forever for MGS fans....

KOJIMA we BOW to you!!!
The Power of Red  +   2578d ago
The only thing that would be reduced from 6.5 to 2.5 is your IQ.
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Blademask  +   2578d ago
disgaea  +   2578d ago
poos3  +   2578d ago
HAHAHA TOGHT GAME SPOT HAS PS3 BUNDLES ADVERTISED WITH MGS4 PACKAGE with it all over their site ofc konamui payed pr that advertising and swayed the vote of gamespot they are not cridble at all p.s i went toby ng2 today and noticedtons of ps3 with grid.,mgs4 bundled now i see how sony sells software in the procress of getting even more broke to buy any new games .
Retro-Virus  +   2578d ago
Gamespot ?? really,

They do know it's a PS-3 exclusive right ? LOL

What a great game guys. Man I am proud to be a gamer.

Hideo Kojima, you rock son, been playing it non stop for 13 hrs.

The Metal Gear series still amazes me, god !!

It's been 20 years and still....I am left speechless !!
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Condoleezza Rice  +   2578d ago
When the most biased Ps3 site on the Internet
Gives your exclusive game a 10,you KNOW the said game is nothing less than a masterpiece.
The Power of Red  +   2578d ago
It looks too good to be true... Well, MGS4 is really that good.
-Maverick-  +   2578d ago
This game is just amazing. Don't "believe the hype". Go play this game and you will SERIOUSLY LOVE IT and want to play it over immediately. The scope of the game is amazing and its just so amazing and crazy and hightech.

Metal Gear Solid  +   2578d ago
Peter Jackson is an incredible director with a solid reputation and both critical and commercial praise from millions.

Video Kojima is the gaming equivalent of Michael Bay. They both love Blu-ray and wouldn't know a well-structured competent piece of storytelling if it pissed in their morning coffee.
-Maverick-  +   2578d ago

This game has a 1,000,000,000 times better story than ANYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG GGGGGG on the Xbox 360. I would know I have one. This game is THAT good.

The Good:
* A brilliant mixture of storytelling and gameplay
* Mind-blowing audiovisual presentation
* Tight and compelling shooting mechanics
* Gratifying stealth mechanics
* Lots of cool gadgets and weapons that you can tailor to your own style of play.

hahahahha jealous turf. I'm playing it. You're missing out and acting jealous to people on the internet you don't even know. HAHAHHAHA PS3 and Metal Gear Solid wins so hard.
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HateBoy  +   2577d ago
MGS hater turnaround
I must admit I'm somewhat of a MGS-hater, never understood the fun in watching an endless amount of clips with tiny bits of stealth action inbetween. But I just got back from my friend who bought the game and I can honestly say I'm blown away, much like GS seem to be. I've never seen anything quite like it, and I doubt I'll see anything better this year (gen?), it's just plain awesome. Wasn't planning on buying the game before release, but I'm man enough to admit I was wrong and pony up the cash for what appears to be one of the best gaming experiences ever.

Note: I'm inclined to agree with the hater above regarding story, I don't care much for it, it's the gamplay that turned me around.
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resistance100  +   2578d ago
You sure this is a gamespot review lol
Hapimeses  +   2578d ago
Well, there you go. Miracles do happen. I agree with the review 100%; what's up with that?

Completed the game, btw. It rocked. I'm on my second playthrough now.
Surfman  +   2578d ago
Gamespot don't feels right, must be sick.
STARS  +   2578d ago
Gamespot US actually gave a PS3 title a 10, let alone an exclusive? WOW, just wow. Either the sky is falling or this truly is one of the best games ever made.
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pimpstation  +   2578d ago
Even Gamespot can't hate. They have to admit defeat. They tried to keep the Triple down, but in the end they just couldn't do it. Can't stop the Triple baby!
sorry_no_CODs  +   2578d ago
Gamespot was due to change
Gamespot is part of the CNet network now so I'm not surprised about the positive change. CNet.com has always been a fan of the PlayStation 3 from the start. So now that Gamespot is in that network you should see a bit more positive, unbias light shed upon the PS3.

Before videogames.com molted into gamespot.com it was a great place to visit for news and reviews. Hopefully Gamespot can gain some of that respect back.

Being a few hours into MGS4, I can honestly say the game certainly deserves the praise unlike a certain other title which received perfect scores a few months back.
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The Wood  +   2578d ago
Gun_Senshi  +   2578d ago
They gave it 15/10 but due to being a PS3 exclusive its down to 10/10
ash_divine  +   2578d ago
the funny thing is...
i am perfectly fine with that
ash_divine  +   2578d ago
to the person that disagreed
i didn't mean what you thought I meant, mean i was satisfied with a 10/10.
Diugu  +   2578d ago
Is there fire falling from the sky?
Jeebus... this is beyond unexpected.

The gates of hell will soon open and the history of the universe will come to an end.

Better hurry and finish this great game now.
fork   2578d ago | Spam
Ri0tSquad  +   2578d ago
Not a flamer/troll in sight
Kinda depressing for you haters. Oh well, this game is another great reason to own a Playstation 3!
g3nkie  +   2578d ago
Words cannot explain how awesome this game is....
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heyheyhey  +   2578d ago
could it be that they still think it's coming to the Xbox???

nah, the game is just too awesome


yeah i know the story

btw i didn't actually say that i personally think it's coming to the Xbox - that's ridiculous

so no need to explain kthxbaixx
#17 (Edited 2578d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
g3nkie  +   2578d ago
As long as Kojima has this in his hands, its going no where. Konami actually did want it on the 360 but Kojima had other plans....
BlaST_ProCesSiNG-  +   2578d ago
Didn't U see the "Usage Warning"?
pwnsause  +   2578d ago
Whoooop  +   2578d ago
Sorry for your lost mate...
pwnsause  +   2578d ago
im in a state of shock, ROFL
meepmoopmeep  +   2578d ago
wait. am i in the right dimension?
well, i admit, i was proven wrong this time.

i'm half way through and for the other reviewer that scored the story 8.7 they must either be dim witted, lack comprehension skills or they are on crack because the story is epic, but i would agree that it's a bit too intricate for noobs.
livespawn  +   2578d ago
there is hope for GS!
pwnsause  +   2578d ago
who would of thought?! is this out of real journalistic integrity, or did konami payed them so they can STFU, im still in a state of shock!!!!
1bi11i0n  +   2578d ago
One word...GOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
clevernickname  +   2578d ago
That's four words.
DarthCruz   2578d ago | Spam
pwnsause  +   2578d ago
if gamespot gave this a 10, then every anti-ps3 site that gave this game below a 9 should go out and commit suicide, because they're going to be hated forever
SacT0wnF1n3st  +   2578d ago
This game is nothing but amazing. I still can't believe the fact that GT gave it a 8.9 for gameplay and 8.7 for story. Great job Kojima!!
Vojkan  +   2578d ago
Gamespot gave 10 to PS3 game? WOW. Only 1up was g!y, to bad they didnt let Shane review it.
madness  +   2578d ago
i think shane would be apart of the EGM review crew
LTC  +   2578d ago
Cant believe it.
Where are the Xbots?
Siligon, pp, pog , mart and the rest of the goons.
Just dont rush the game guys take your time this is a masterpiece.
#26 (Edited 2578d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
pimpstation  +   2578d ago
They're too busy crying.
Official General  +   2578d ago
Nice score, Gamespot's review cements MGS4 as a game of platinum status.
Glad to be a gamer where are you? You see that? Not only IGN, but Gamespot gave Metal Gear Solid 4 a 10 out of 10. You still hating on the PS3? You still think it's all about the 360 and it has the best games? Go ahead and keep thinking that. All I can say is my name is this right now:

Glad to be a PS3 owner AND gamer.
#27 (Edited 2578d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BlaST_ProCesSiNG-  +   2578d ago
Official General  +   2578d ago
@ Blast Processing
Glad to be a gamer wont show his face here, I just bet you he wont. He's so anti-PS3 and pro-360 and he knows that this is gonna make him look a lil' silly. He knows he's been owned by this news. This shoots down anything else bad about what he has to say about the PS3. He's probably now envious of PS3 owners. The only way he can get over it is to get over his Sony-hatin, get his ass down the nearest gamestore and grab a PS3 MGS4 bundle. If he can't afford it then it's just too bad! Like I said.....Glad to be a PS3 owner and gamer!
#28.1 (Edited 2578d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BlaST_ProCesSiNG-  +   2578d ago
Dude I really don't know who ur comments aimed at. I hope it's not at me because I DO own a ps3 and was at the midnight launch. =)
Official General  +   2578d ago
@ Blast Processing
No relax man. I was talking about a guy on here called Glad to be a gamer, not you. I was telling you about him, he comes on here from time to time always dissin' the PS3.
tatotiburon  +   2578d ago
now you guys love Gamespot once again? hahaha...great review, all the games deserve what they get
Diugu  +   2578d ago
I still think that they are biased.

There was just nothing that they could do... the game is beyond great, they HAD to give it a 10.
Maldread  +   2578d ago
This is a surprise
The game isn`t too varied ? Strange.

Either way, won`t take the chance of seeing the video review in fear of spoilers.
madness  +   2578d ago
dont watch it.
there are things i wish i didnt see and would have wanted to see when i played it myself
Maldread  +   2578d ago
Thanks for the warning. I want to keep as much of the game hidden until i play it for myself.
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