Bloodborne Multiplayer Reveal Coming Next Week?

Tokyo Game Show is almost upon us but it looks like Sony Japan (SCEJA) may be showcasing Bloodborne at the pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference on September 1st.

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ps4fanboy1338d ago

Another must have title.

tgunzz1338d ago

Man-o-man this game is going to be incredible.... game on.

Forn1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Biggest PS4 game for me next year period. My hours played on it will no doubt be insane just like they were for Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Can't wait to get lost in this new world Miyazaki and the rest of the amazingly talented development team has created for us.

PaleMoonDeath1338d ago

This is my most wanted new IP title, I seriously need to see the streamless MP, I have a bunch of friends just ready to snatch this game as soon as it releases, if the MP does Demon Souls justice, I'll easily throw another 100 hours into it.

TGF_Zero1338d ago


How will we summon other players?? omg so many questions

PaleMoonDeath1338d ago

^ Exactly what I'm wondering, I'm leaning on it being much like Journey, where people just appear, but again we have no clue :(

Game0N1338d ago

They could just replace the ghosts of players with real live players but they'll subsequently vanish just like the ghosts. Still don't know if that'll work or just do it like Destiny or like you said Journey.

NewAgeisHere1338d ago

System seller for sure...........although it's sort of a niche game, but after the massive success of Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1&2.....there is now a large community that enjoys these type of games. Don't believe me, check out Vatti Vidya's youtube channel - all his videos concerning Bloodborne are doing crazy numbers (views) :Sony was smart to make this an exclusive. Not that it needs more sales since PS4 is selling really well, but this is just one more game that will cement PS4's success amd widen the gap.

Game0N1338d ago

bloodborne will sell a ton of copies

SpinalRemains1381338d ago

If each game weighs about 4g, then a ton of games would be about 224k copies.

I hope it sells more than that.

mrmack001338d ago

I think it will be a big seller because 1:) it's early in the generation and people are gobbling up games and 2:) the awesome graphics will draw in casuals (plus the hardcore gamers who know what to expect).

I think that many of the casuals who are sold on the graphics and atmosphere may be turned off by the challenge, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.