Looking deeper than the '48% of gamers are women' stat

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "When it comes to video games as a business, it’s important to maintain perspective and look beyond the glossy “48 percent of gamers are women” stat. There’s much more to that number that one must understand before attempting to use it when your favorite publisher doesn’t include female characters in a certain assassin game. Or when another company tells you that if you want female characters in a game, it must translate into sales -- even though they really mean profit. Again, video games are a business."

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-Foxtrot1126d ago

The main thing you have to think about with this is how many of that percentage can you go up to and ask "You planning on buying Destiny when it comes out?" without them going "Destiny? What's that".

porkChop1126d ago

Yeah I'm assuming many of those female gamers are Casual/Mobile/Facebook gamers.

ChronoJoe1125d ago

I don't know why people care anyway. So what if 48% of gamers are female. That sounds about right to me. Video games have become a socially acceptable medium, so it makes sense that approximately 50% of players are female in the same way it makes sense that 50% of movie goers are female.

Obviously 48% doesn't mean half the people on COD are female, in the same way 50% of the audience for 'chick flicks' aren't males. It's only natural that there are gender preferences within a medium, but that doesn't discredit the futures in any way.

48% of gamers ARE female, so what if many of them play 'casual' games. Gamers are gamers at the end of the day and men should be pleased that their hobby won't completely alienate the opposite sex anymore. It's not like the market has shrunk because of women playing games, it's expanded and that's great. More games for all of us, and much more diverse experiences too.

brbobcat1125d ago

@ChronoJoe the reason is matters is because these sorts of stats get thrown around when people try to paint Ubisoft as the bad guy because they choose not to add a female character

ChickeyCantor1125d ago

"I don't know why people care anyway. So what if 48% of gamers are female. "

Children and women are the biggest markets. From a business perspective you should care. Otherwise, yeah not really.

700p1125d ago

Most are playing mobile games which is true. Most females arent real gamers.

Halo2ODST21125d ago

@ChronoJoe Don't be so arrogant to just assume that 48% of Gamers are female, Scrabble or Flappy Birds are not real Games, in terms of our standards.

TFJWM1125d ago

You can easily say most male gamers are not "real gamers" as well...

kalkano1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

This is exactly what I was thinking. It also plays a part in the average age.

mochachino1126d ago

I think the percentage of women that are console gamers or non-puzzle, cardgame, etc. PC and mobile gamers would be much lower.

n4rc1125d ago

I would think mobile makes up almost all of it..

Its maybe 10% on console in my experience.. At least online.

PaleMoonDeath1125d ago

I doubt 48% of gamers are girls, it's almost a myth these days that chicks play games as guys do, sure a few do but 48% Pffft, walk on mate.

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