Analysis of the 30+ Leaked Super Smash Bros. Images

Junkie Monkeys: Some leaked gameplay emerged for three new characters in the Smash Bros. roster recently, but now we have over 30 images of leaked content that has surfaced online. We’ve gone ahead and done an analysis on all the recently leaked pictures.

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-Foxtrot703d ago

Fake or not I would love it if Pauline was in this game. That's such a throw back thing to add, I never know why she wasn't included in Mario Kart 8.

I don't see why they would separate Dark Pit though and give him is own character slot. Seems more like a skin to me.

randomass171703d ago (Edited 703d ago )

What would Pauline do though?

edit Fair enough lol.

-Foxtrot703d ago (Edited 703d ago )

Slap the shit out of you :)

It's Nintendo, they'll find something for her to do.

kirbyu703d ago

Yep, the leak is real. There's no way these images are fake, there's just no way. That really sucks.