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The PS4 Looks Really Lovely Signed by The Last of Us’ and The Order: 1886′s Development Teams

There are a lot of ways on the market to customize your PS4 console, but getting one signed by the development team of a popular game is a little more rare. If you want to see how Sony’s latest console looks when signed by the teams at Naughty Dog and Ready at Dawn, this post is for you. (Naughty Dog, PS4, Ready At Dawn, The Last Of Us Remastered, The Order: 1886)

Very nice. I want The Order so bad, Last of Us was amazing. Can't wait for BloodBorne and The Order back to back.
guitarded77  +   26d ago
2015 is gonna be sick. The Order, BloodBorne, Uncharted 4!!!
chrissx  +   27d ago
The Ps4 looks, Plays and Performs Lovely. Having one of those signed consoles would be amazing
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supergravity  +   27d ago
Please lemme have them!
WeAreLegion  +   27d ago
Yes, it does. Hoping they make a bundle with a similar design.
Forn  +   26d ago
Very cool, now I want my PS4 to have the Ready@Dawn logo on it haha. Sony should make a limited edition PS4 that has all their biggest 1st party game's and studio's logos on it.
pyrocloud7  +   26d ago
Ooooooo, I want it!
S2Killinit  +   26d ago
wow they look so awesome. Luckily I'm going to need another PS4 soon.
jznrpg  +   26d ago
I'm buying another so I don't travel with my main ps4 all the time, it has gone 1000s of miles already . Looking for the standalone white .
DarthBigE  +   26d ago
I dont think Ill play on those ps4's. Maybe have it in a case on a shelf.
WorldGamer  +   26d ago
Looks sick. Very nice indeed.

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