Don’t Starve: Giant Edition Coming to PS Vita September 2nd

Hey everyone! Jamie Cheng here, founder of Klei Entertainment. I’m happy to announce a few cool things: first is that Don’t Starve: Giant Edition is coming to PS Vita on September 2nd!

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Neonridr1366d ago

can anyone else confirm this. Is Reign of Giants DLC free now on the PS4? I am having a hard time understanding the article.. :P

Rimgal1366d ago

Not free for me. In my PS4 still priced at 4,99 Euros

Conzul1366d ago

I JUST bought it like 2 weeks ago.....

DareDevilDD1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Its free for PSVITA bro Written in brackets in article

Rimgal1366d ago

Did you write this article bro?

Neonridr1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Still doesn't make any sense. Reign of Giants will be free when it releases for the PS Vita if you own the PS4 version? Will the base game be free as well?

Article doesn't really do a good job clarifying anything.

And it didn't have any information about the Vita when I made that comment. The article has been edited since then.

admiralvic1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

All we know is...

"The Giant Edition costs $14.99, and includes the Reign of Giants expansion. This expansion is usually $4.99, and we’ve bundled it in for everyone. It includes new characters, seasons, biomes, and other challenges that will happily kill you."

"BUT! We love you all, so we’re making the game cross buy! If you own Don’t Starve on PS4, you get the Vita version for free, and vice versa. Thank you for supporting our game, and please spread the word so we can keep making more interesting games!"

Sadly it can go either way, but all we know for sure is that Vita users will 100% get it and the game itself is a cross-buy title. With that being said, how did this article get approved? That title is one of the most misleading titles I've seen on this site and is woefully inaccurate (for the most part).

iamnsuperman1366d ago

The biggest question I want to know is did I have to buy it? It was on Plus a while ago. Would it know any different. I am sure it does but one can always hope for a loop hole.

admiralvic1366d ago

@ Iamsuperman

While things can change, you should be safe. Hotline Miami worked, God of War worked and probably others I am forgetting about.

AntsPai1366d ago

God of War didn't work for me with cross buy on Vita, seems you can only get the collection :S

admiralvic1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

@ AntsPai

It was collection or both games I believe. I bought them both separately and got the Vita version for free.

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wsoutlaw871366d ago

well on the blog it says that if you own the ps4 version you will get the vita version free. The vita version includes reign of giants built in. I could see why the author would assume, since it was cross buy and you would have reign of giants on the vita that you would on the ps4 for free too. Thats not necisarraly true because you are not getting the dlc to download on the vita, its a different version that has it built in. I dont see why getting that version would download a dlc on your ps4, but maybe. well see when it releases.

Orange1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Reign of Giants ups the difficultly significantly

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DareDevilDD1366d ago

Yes bro I Did I just changed it to bold letters so you can be sure that PS VITA version is free if you got PlayStation 4 Version of the game

Rimgal1366d ago

That's cool dude. I noticed that you updated the article, and now it's more clear that this only refers to the PS Vita.

DareDevilDD1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Thnx Rimgal :) and sorry for inconvenience

Rimgal1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Hey don't worry about it. And it's great news, I really enjoy the game.

uth111366d ago

Is rambling, poorly-worded article trying to say that RoG on the Vita will be cross-buy?

admiralvic1366d ago

Correct. You can read the PlayStation Blog post here .

Phaethon00171366d ago

That article was very poorly worded.

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