The Orange Box - Gyroxus Game Chair

From GT: " is the ultimate full-motion game chair. It is easy to set up and fully adjustable for game players of all shapes and sizes. The smooth gliding controls allow you to become fully immersed in the game as your body controls each movement. When using the Gyroxus flight simulator game chair you're actually flying."

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sehnsucht3834d ago

I had to help a consulting firm decide whether or not this product would go to Wal~Mart. It is not worth the time. It is basically false advertising, they let you think that the chair moves or controls things with your movement, but it's basically just a controller stuck to a support rod. Yeah, it moves when you do, but you have to force it, it's like a system of springs. If you watch their promos on the website you'll see pretty fast.

I can explain more about it if anyone needs to know for some reason.

Syko3834d ago

Looks a little dodgy, I wouldn't mind trying someone elses though.

solar3834d ago

and that demonstration is why FPS's should be played with a keyboard and mouse o.O holy crap kid aim for eff's sake!

havrgr813834d ago

Wow. Seems like it it pretty intense to play like this. Cool prodcut