Xbox One Gamers Want Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Ported to Microsoft’s Console

When Microsoft opened the Xbox Feedback page they opened the floodgates to a whole lot of ideas from the community. There are some rather silly one like “please clone Phil Spencer” and “more exclusive Xbox One games” (duh), but there also are some quite interesting ones.

Recently a proposal asking for a port of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been picking up steam.

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Noami1183d ago

well micro soft need to open up for them to do so, it would be great if they do so it would have more ppl to play with in the world of ffxiv

levian1183d ago

It totally makes sense to release it on XB1, it just adds the potential for more players. The only way it'll ever happen is if Microsoft agrees to cross-play between platforms. There's no point in SE porting the game and installing new servers just for a small segregated population of maybe a few 10,000 players.

vishmarx1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

this game is cocaine,no wonder everyone wants it.
should also help SE make more money bitch a little less about failed games and 'please be excited'. and hopefully hurry the hell up with ff xv ,at this rate even kh3 will release before it .
though i dunno what payment itll use.
sony agreed to make all mmo's free on ps4(obviously sub is needed) and pc is free as usual.

NatureOfLogic_1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

It doesn't really make sense to release it on Xbox One only imo. Xbox One install base is the smallest compared PS4, PC and WiiU. A argument could be made for Xbox 360 and Xbox One release though. I don't think a port would be worth it for SE.

SoapShoes1183d ago

Makes sense, I'm sure they want a lot of MMOs ported to the X1. PS4 is getting tons of them and is severely lacking on X1. Although one has to wonder, if you're a big MMO fan, why did you go with X1?? Either way, I certainly see why they want it.

DragonKnight1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

It'll never happen. SE had to demands for this game. One was cross-play, which MS won't allow, and the other was that players not be charged by the console sub service, which MS won't allow.

It's not going to happen. Xbox is not the place for MMOs, which is odd considering it had FFXI.

ThanatosDMC1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

MS doesnt like cross platform. Though i really wish MS would allow them since I want more people to buy my crap.

guitarded771182d ago

It's an excellent MMO. MS has made so many changes in the past 6 months, i don't see why this would be an issue. It will only be good for the XBOX community.

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3-4-51183d ago

I'd play it on XB1 for sure.

FF11 was my first mmo and a fun game.

Noami1183d ago

i have it for pc,ps4 its a great game and lots of fun im exited for 2.4 patch they will include rouge/ninja

christocolus1183d ago

I got ffxi on the original xbox. I'll definitly give it a go if its released on xbox one.

LAWSON721183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

It is lame the reason MS won't allow it is because Xbox players are not getting anything for playing on the platform. I am usually one to defend the platform from all the hate, but this is just a stupid on MS part.

Hope to see it happen. I got a couple friends who would love a good MMO on consoles.

Magicite1182d ago

FF11 did terribly bad when ported to x360, I dont see FF game ever doing good on xbox.

bmf73641182d ago

The FF 13 games were on Xbox. Didn't sell well either because Microsoft tried stealing Sony's go-to JRPG status. That worked out well...

bmf73641182d ago

Square Enix said themselves that they wanted FFXIV on Xb1. They didn't want to do it because it wouldn't be on the open-platform server they have for PC/PS4/PS3. Microsoft won't open Xbox Live for any reason. This is the same reason Gabe Newell 180'd his opinion on PS3 and released Portal 2 as cross-platform with PC.(If it's to prevent DDoS or or other server attacks, XBL has been proven recently and before it's just as vulnerable as PSN)

TheXgamerLive1182d ago

Ummm, no their not. XBL hasnt had anything happen with the likes of the sony attacks and shut downs. Your confused.
If anything MS has proven how protected they are and how quick they repell prevent repair or correct any issue. Nonono. Dont compare the problems of a mountain to a mole hill.

TheXgamerLive1182d ago

He says opened up the flood gates haha but seriously no. A very small percentage of Xbox fans wants any FF game. Yes some but not many. lol no flooding here.

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christocolus1183d ago

Some of those ideas aare hilarious.lmao. I actually see the game being released on xbox one. The producer of the game is eager to get it on xbox one too,he has actually been waiting for MS to give the go ahead. I'm sure SE and MS will reach some sort of agreement soon afterall SE&MS were able to work together to get ffXI released on the original xbox.

DigitalRaptor1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Well then Xbox fans should make noise about it. PC and PlayStation gamers seemed to have got it without asking, which shows which platform(s) consistently make them more money.

Does anyone know what Microsofts policies are on MMOs? Would they still be behind the XBL paywall?

Volkama1183d ago

Still behind the paywall, but the big hurdle is that final fantasy producer insists in cross platform servers, and MS don't allow that. Game will only happen when one side budges (like MS did for final fantasy XI).

bmf73641182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Final Fantasy isn't behind the PS+ paywall. Sony said that if the game doesn't run on the PSN servers, it doesn't need the Plus paywall.

Volkama1182d ago

Sure but the question was about microsoft's policies. We know from TESO producers that gold is required.

It's also pretty much a non-issue IMO. The number of people that own the console, don't have gold, and do want to play an online RPG is not going to be large enough to sway any decision.

One_Eyed_Wizard1183d ago

Yeah it's behind paywall. FFXI was. That's one of the reasons Square decided not to port FFXIV to Xbox One. The other main reason was that Microsoft wanted their own servers so that Xbox One players wouldn't be playing with PC and PS4 players.

Noami1183d ago

actualy ffxi was released when they gave the go ahead and it was silver account it wasnt behind paywall gold i used to play ffxi in xbox360 wich ffxi was one of the few game that rrod my 360 for leaving it always on and always playing 24/7.

One_Eyed_Wizard1183d ago

Same here. It RRoD'd, sent it back. Got a refurbished and the dvd drive failed after a day.

I thought for sure I needed Gold to play it though.

TheGrimReaper00111182d ago

Actually, they intended for the game to be released on ps3, pc and XB360, however, microsoft wasn't for the whole shared community idea where all players, regardless of platform play together.

While I get you want people to mostly play your console, I still dont get why they turned that down though. In fact, I'd want all games to at least give the option to play with players on other platforms.

Imagine playing destiny and you have ps3, xb360, ps4 and XB1 players all playing together! I know that wont happen, but yeah.

Maybe this outcry of the fans will change their minds. Here's hoping! (dont have an XB1, but the more games and bigger community, the merrier :p )

WeAreLegion1183d ago

If any of you Xbox One-only owners are wondering, yes, this game is amazing. You should be able to play it, too.

Volkama1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

It's rubbish IMO.

Not being confrontational, just sharing my own opinion as it is the complete opposite to yours :-)

Agree that people should be able to play it on the xbox though, then they can form their own opinions!

bellome1183d ago

Me and my friend are having a lot of fun with this. It's a blast, very similar to WoW in the mechanics but way deeper.

On a side note it has 2 million users, that should mean something to you.

Volkama1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

Hmm I have no opinion on my own opinion, so I can't disagree on that.

I can agree that this is a lot like WoW. That's one of the primary reasons I don't like it. WoW didn't really impress me when it was new, and 10 years on I just think the genre should have evolved. "Like WoW" is what turned me righ off the game.

I'm still one if these 2million players you reference though. People talk about voting with your wallet, and I am casting a vote for a decent subscription payment model.

Punkindrublic_1182d ago

I kind of agree with you... I played it for about 6 months then just got really... bored. It got stale and it's weird it took a lot longer for me to feel that way when I played FFXI. The game is beautiful looking and a lot of fun when you start. Couple of my friends that started have now stopped but a few of them are still playing it. I just couldn't justify the price for as much time as I was logging on it.

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Dread1183d ago

As most sony fans would say in similar circumstances "I will pic it up for my PC then."


WeAreLegion1183d ago

I play it on both. Fantastic game, no matter what you're playing it on.

OpieWinston1183d ago

WoW > FF14
Neverwinter > FF14 (Neverwinter is more designed for Controller combat)

I've played FF14 and have to say it's a pretty poor experience. Good for people to have the experience opened up to them but if you really wanted to play an MMO...Just play WoW.

DigitalRaptor1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Can I ask when you played FFXIV?

Was it before or after A Realm Reborn? Seems a bit convenient you saying something negative about a game not on Xbox, but positive about a game that is confirmed for Xbox One and not PS4 (Neverwinter).

Spotie1182d ago

Never seen a particular community display the sour grapes mentality so much as the Xbox crowd this gen. Seems life any game not coming to XB1 is garbage, while every game that will grace the console is golden.

It's really pretty bizarre.

maniacmayhem1182d ago

@Digital and Hicken
I find it strange that two well known Sony fanboys are upset about someone displaying their dislike for a Sony game and instantly going on the offensive.

You two sure have a lot of nerve.

You do realize that FF14 is also on PC right? Where most MMO's like WoW and Neverwinter which he did mention are played.

Dread1183d ago

Would be a nice addition to the library I guess. However, I do not have the time to play these types of games. So at the end of the day its a meh for me.