Bungie confirms 'Destiny' day one update to include 'UI readability,' plus more

Bungie's Director of Production Jonty Barnes spoke about what they have planned for Destiny when the game launches and beyond.

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crusf1300d ago

Hope my hard drive can take most of these updates. Patches are getting bigger and bigger everyday. Ghosts is a good example 2-3GB for stability updates -_-. Here is hoping bungie knows how to compress there patches.

plut0nash1300d ago

My bandwidth cries at the thought to be honest. Hey, everyone has fast, reliable internet, right?

Randostar1300d ago

COD is a bad example. Those guys can't make shit efficient.

KwietStorm1300d ago

Well I do. But my name is not everyone. It's Jamaal.

ScottyHoss1300d ago

I hope these huge updates at least have something worth it like local split screen :/ my 500GB is feeling it already, might have to upgrade to 2TB

lokirevamped1299d ago

I do, I would love to have faster though. I have Fios 150/65

memots1299d ago

Try that in a submarine.

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n4rc1300d ago

Its replacing data for the most part.. A 2gb update may only add 500mb to the total size on your HDD..

Bandwidth is another issue.. I have a 2gb update for wolfenstein that only adds audio for other countries.. Or completely useless to me in other words lol

Patrick_pk441300d ago

Thank god my internet provider gives free downloads between 2am-8am.

ScottyHoss1300d ago

I got lucky, mine doesn't pay attention. I rarely go over the limit though

Iamnemesis48801300d ago

The thing I hate with patches is the time to download just want to jump into the game not have to have a patch to load as soon as possible.

One good feature that the xbox one has you can put a external hdd up 14tb I have running a 1tb hdd and that is enough.

Bungie should have this patch really compressed to to have the download done faster.

3-4-51300d ago

Destiny will end up taking about 150 GB when it's all said and done with future DLC and 2015 content.

500 GB just isn't enough especially when out the box you only get 349 GB or something.

* I've only played Forza 5, Titanfall, PvZ & I'm down to 289GB.

I'll manage because I played all last gen with a 20 GB Xbox 360, but it would be nice if I could just buy a disc and put it in and play without having to install.

Hopefully the DL isn't too long.....Going to be the longest wait ever for that DL.

lokirevamped1299d ago

How about buying an external hard drive......problem solved, I have an 3TB Hard Drive.

Suit_A1300d ago

I'm from Australia where my internet provider is a sedimentary rock holding a bent antenna running on rubbing your feet together then touching your head and trying to download a 3GB update can take me hours...Cheers Optus :(

purp13m0nk3y1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Lols. Fellow Optus user here. So much for that NBN roll out. F'k you Tony Abbot you clown!

I got lucky and actually got my new fiber connection before they stopped the roll out. Sadly many of my PSN friends weren't so lucky :-(

BallsEye1299d ago

That's nothing. battlefield updates usually take all together 5 times more than the actual game.

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nerdman671300d ago

I miss when they finished games before releasing them.

aLucidMind1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

That time never happened. N64, PS1, and PS2 games had plenty of horrible glitches that would be patched if they had been PS3/360 or newer games. The only games that didn't were extremely simple and had little depth.

It's like whining that Skyrim had glitches when Super Mario Land 2 on SNES had none worth mentioning when the tech involved in the making of the games alone are two totally different animals at this point. While some developers are getting a little too complacent by developing the mindset of "we can patch that later", that doesn't mean games before this day and age weren't also bereft with the same or similar issues.

ExPresident1300d ago

That being said, there was a time when patches weren't available. Ala Nintendo days, Super Nintendo etc. Developers and Publishers alike knew they had once chance to win the customer over and their game better be right. Were there still bugs and glitches... sure, but they weren't typically game breaking. That stuff had to be solved before it went to the customer or you'd have no chance of winning them back by a simple patch on release day.

i8urCAKE1300d ago

remember when games didn't have updates on first day?

UnHoly_One1300d ago

Remember when everything was fine out of the box and they NEVER had updates?

aLucidMind1300d ago

Nope, because that never time never happened. Games were simpler in design back then, and didn't have as many issues. This does not mean they were bereft of crippling glitches or idiotic issues on-par with modern games. They never had updates not because they were flawless, but because it wasn't possible to do without separately releasing a new copy of the game.

Meaning patches back then were not worth the time or money to make them, as they are now.

PsylentKiller1300d ago

I guess you don't remember Battletoads for the NES.

UnHoly_One1300d ago

I played Battletoads and have no recollection of it having any problems.

And I'm not saying that games never had any glitches, but they at least were playable out of the box, something that can't be said about some games today.

JeffGUNZ1300d ago

I don't really see the big deal. I remember when games had bugs well, that's it', you were stuck with them. You're telling me that John Montana football for Genesis meant to allow people on the kickoff to just run along the sideline and it be impossible for the CPU to tackle you? Also, what about all the NHL games on Genesis, where you skate across the left to right side of the crease and it's a goal 100% of the time. So many games had so many glitches, but we just adapted to it.

We live in a day and age with the internet and the ability to patch these games. If Bungie found something or tweaked something after going gold, wouldn't you like to have it patched immediately upon playing, or would you rather wait a few weeks or months?

As long as the game isn't broken and is a solid product, updates are great to keep it fresh and fair.

n4rc1300d ago

Haha.. I remember that NHL glitch.. Top right corner worked almost every time as well

Iamnemesis48801300d ago

At least give people a week to start the game then drop the patch is that so hard to ask for.

--Onilink--1300d ago

well... thats a nice way to waste part of the benefits of preloading a game... hopefully its not too big and the network doesnt completely collapse

LAWSON721300d ago

For you maybe 2GB for anyone with cable is nothing

--Onilink--1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

if the network is down because everyone is trying to download the update at the same time, you will be doing a whole lot of nothing with your game and your speedy internet.... thats one of the major benefits of preloading, all the downloads are spread out across several days and not everyone at the same time, seriously.. its common sense

UnHoly_One1300d ago

I'd just like to point out that nowhere in that article do they actually say there will be a day one patch.

This was his exact words when talking about changes they were making based on Beta Feedback.

"We've got some things like UI readability we've got for day one that's just better."

So the changes are going to be there on day one, but he didn't specify it was going to be via a patch. Maybe they've already changed it and it's going to be there on day one because it's on the disc that way.

JeffGUNZ1300d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if their was one. If their is, it shows Bungie is still testing the game and trying to make it the best it could be. I guess we will find out in two weeks.

I really wish they would tell me the download/install size of this game. I just upgraded to a 2TB HD, but I want to know how long it will take to download this gem.

UnHoly_One1300d ago

Yeah I'm not saying there won't be a patch on day one, just pointing out the title of this article is completely bogus and misleading.

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