200kbps Officially No Longer Qualifies As 'Broadband'

The FCC has shifted the definition of broadband from 200kbps to 768kbps, probably not as high as it should be, but a vast improvement. The agency says they'll also start tracking both downstream and upstream speeds and will scrap the zip code tracking methodology for more substantive census-track level reporting. Carriers still won't be required to release data on the prices they charge for different speeds.

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GodsHand3832d ago

Boardband connection required. D'oh

Some of my older games say that to play online, now what does it mean.

funkeystu3832d ago

good point - plenty of games require 256 or 512k to run smoothly, but specify 'broadband' on the box for ease of use.

Also what are they going to call the aforementioned 512kb connections now that broadband is off the table?

badz1493832d ago

it's now officially a narrowband connection :P

f7897903832d ago

$15 a month for 370kbps unlimited, yet I still get cut off sometimes. I know I cant be weighing the neighborhood down but they act like it.

whoknew3832d ago

F'n Verizon charges me $30 a month for 756kbps.

Silogon3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I pay 64 a month for

36.5 mb downloads & 3.6 to 4.0 mb uploads. I'm not happy still. I want more.

Edit: Not 36.5 mb, I'm sorry. 36.5 mbps.

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