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Ubisoft director says Far Cry 4 is 'self-aware,' won't take itself too seriously

Mark Thompson, who is the narrative director on Far Cry 4, spoke about how they are working on keeping some humor and lighter tone in Far Cry 4. (Far Cry 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

ARESWARLORD  +   60d ago
Cant wait for this game. Day one for me on PC
GusBricker  +   60d ago
Well yeah, Shangri-La is in it.

I don't recall FC3 having much humor in it, tho.
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ironfist92  +   60d ago
Make it bun' dem.
Stenmark  +   60d ago
"So his name is Buck, and he likes to F"
LogicalReason  +   60d ago
This is a good thing I guess? I would have liked the more serious tone of the 3rd one but at least this explains all the weird ass stuff in the trailers so far. I saw some stuff that had me going, "WTF is this???".

Don't know how I feel about it being a light and humorous though...if I wanted that I'd go play a light and humorous game.

Whatever, there are PLENTY of other games coming so yeah...do whatever you want Far Cry 4!
RustedMan  +   60d ago
damn. I loved Far Cry 3 for it's tone. It had an often grim and hopeless feeling, which motivated to do whatever the heck I could to get off the island as quick as possible.

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