Ubisoft director says Far Cry 4 is 'self-aware,' won't take itself too seriously

Mark Thompson, who is the narrative director on Far Cry 4, spoke about how they are working on keeping some humor and lighter tone in Far Cry 4.

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Cant wait for this game. Day one for me on PC

GusBricker1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Well yeah, Shangri-La is in it.

I don't recall FC3 having much humor in it, tho.

Stenmark1067d ago

"So his name is Buck, and he likes to F"

1067d ago
OhMyGandhi1067d ago

damn. I loved Far Cry 3 for it's tone. It had an often grim and hopeless feeling, which motivated to do whatever the heck I could to get off the island as quick as possible.