RPGamer: Final Fantasy IV Impressions

Many of the improvements are clear in the opening cutscene. While the graphics engine looks nearly identical to Final Fantasy III DS, more attention was paid to the characters' textures. Kain and Cecil's level of detail is much better than the costume-swapping generic-faces in Final Fantasy III DS. Also bringing the game to life is a completely retranslated script. Not only have Cecil and King Baron's lines been updated since the GBA remake, even NPCs sputtering two sentences about how overworked they are do so with with a new and improved wording.

The new translation is leaps and bounds better than the previous one. The GBA translation took the infamous gibberish-speak of the original and upgraded it to something that made sense. The DS translation takes the obnoxiously slangy, five-word-long-sentence filled translation of the GBA version and corrects it to something closer to the quality of Final Fantasy XII or Dragon Quest VIII.

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