Xbox 360 sales up for third straight week in Japan

Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 increased for the third week in Japan in the latest retail data from the region.

Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that the Xbox 360 sold 2,280 units between June 2 and June 8.

By comparison the hardware sold 1,959 units the week prior and 1,474 units two weeks ago.

The Xbox 360 ranked one title in the top ten, Tecmo Inc.'s Ninja Gaiden 2 at No. 8, moving 24,570 copies.

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doshey3808d ago

ya and maybe u will stop dreaming

Rikitatsu3808d ago

20 units lol

seriously why even care to report such news ... the 360 is pretty much dead in japan

Jamie Foxx3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

cant believe someone actually wrote an article on this

could understand if the 360 suddenly sold 10,000 units but this......

Drekken3808d ago

They will reach 100k in 50 weeks instead of 100 weeks now!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOO XBOX!

Kaneda3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Could potential be for 40 units.. or even 60 units.. when those owners got RROD.. :)

Denzelio3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

@ 1.3

I agree the extra units were obviously just replacements for faulty consoles. Has it ever been stated that M$ does not count replacement consoles, as consoles sold?????

bababrooks3808d ago

man you aint seen the sony sales! 10k is sh*t as per all the last 10 weeks, i like the ps3 but it aint happening, nintendo win!

godofthunder103807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

i just can't understand fanboys from both's an article about the 360 showing that it is selling a little better in japan,hell if the 360 sell just 100 more a week in japan it's news because the japaneese refuse to buy american products,and this was said by 2 japaneese writers for game magazines in japan when they were asked why the 360 doesn't sell well in japan.if it was the opposite way then the 360 fanboys would have said the same thing.

i could tell by reading most of the articles that they were posted by ps3 fanboys.if i was some of them i would be ashamed to post their remarks.if the 360 would have sold 10.000 more units then the same people would say that it's a lie.i also read some articles saying that they were just replacement units and that's just a bias remark.

i know that the 360 had a lot of problems with the rrod but not every one had a problem.i had mine since launch and i never had 1 problem yet.what i don't get is why does ps3 fanboys(not ps3 fans,they admit the truth instead of lieing and being bias like ps3 fanboys)always bring up the rrod when they talk about the 360,they might not like it but percentage of the rrod have beed droping.

i have a 360 and i love it but unlike 360 fanboys i admit that the 360 had a lot of problems and the ps3 is the most reliable console that was ever made and i'm glad that ps3 fans doesn't have to worry about their ps3 breaking down,unlike some ps3 fanboys that wish the 360 break down on people because they like the ps3 and it's sad to see people act like this.

just because some one doesn't like sony and the ps3 and like the 360 doesn't mean that ps3 fanboys should wish that the 360 fails just so they have to buy a ps3.i don't know why they say stupid things like that because they don't like it when 360 fanboys say the same thing and i think that both sides should growup.

what ps3 fanboys don't understand is that it's bad for all of us if the 360 or ps3 fails.the fact is that if we only have one choice to choose from they would take advantage of us and i don't care if it's microsoft or sony that have the only system to sell.with out competition they would sell their console for a profit instead of a loss like they do now,for exsample the ps3 cost something like $700 or $800 to make when they first came out but sold them for a $100 or $200 lost,but if it was the only choice we have in a game console then the ps3 would have cost us about $800 or $900 because they know how much people love games and they would buy them because they have no choice.

i think that fanboys from boy sides are acting childish and they all should grow up and be glad that we have a choice to buy the system we want unlike some countries that don't give their people a choice at all.we shouldn't even care what system the other person have because it doesn't concern us one bit.i think that we should talk about the games and how good or bad they are.if people start doing this instead of fighting over what system is better like kids do then we could all make friends instead of enemies.i would also like to see exclusives done away with and every game was on every system so every one could enjoy all the great games unlike some people that wish they stay exclusive,they act like they would die if an exclusive that's on their system is on all of them but i like to tell them that nothing will happen to them,the only thing that will happen is people would enjoy their selfs.

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xfrgtr3808d ago

"the Xbox 360 sold 2,280 units between June 2 and June 8" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

PoSTedUP3808d ago

can i have a bubble please?

i gave you all bubbles : )

Drekken3808d ago

sure, lol... hook me up too!

DarkSniper3808d ago

Japan has definately made the wise choice in making their best effort to phase XBox 360 out of their country. Japan does not want garbage on their homeland. Only quality products such as PLAYSTATION®3 fits the need of their entertainment.

Microsoft simply does not have what it takes to keep marketshare as their console continues to plunder into the pits of hell.


t-0_ot-3807d ago

"Only quality products such as PLAYSTATION®3 fits the need of their entertainment." Yet, the PS3 is still behind Nintendo's Wii.. So, I think, as of now, Japan has made their choice on consoles.

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