10 Famous Gaming 'Heroes' You Didn't Realise Were Villains

WC: This list takes a tongue-in-cheek look at famous gaming heroes that partook in particularly devious activities. From horrific acts of animal genocide, to larceny on a massive scale, these heroes were actually the true villains of their respective games.

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scark921301d ago

Weak article, I know that it supposed to be 'Funny' but with that logic, every video game hero is a villain.

DuneBuggy1301d ago

Not what I expected. I thought it was examples like Mario who actually was the villain in a game.

BattleReach1301d ago

I laughed really hard at the Mario part.

Gh05t1301d ago

Not funny and has been talked about like this plenty of times.

Not worth the ten page hits it will give this website.

Everyone is evil because they have to fight/kill/steal something.

CorndogBurglar1301d ago

In Konky Dong, Mario actually was the villain...and not for any of these stupid reasons.

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