The Big Interview With Xbox One Boss Anshu Mor: ‘It Is Really The All-In-One Entertainment System

Despite all the debacles that Xbox One has gone through, Anshu believes that their console has the most comprehensive line up of games and the portfolio of services, apps and software will speak for themselves when the console is sold exclusively through Amazon starting next month.

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ShugaCane1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

"Not really, for two reasons. For one, we believe our portfolio is far more competitive, not just on the games side, but the stuff we offer from an entertainment perspective. Whether it’s live TV, whether it’s voice commands, whether it’s the entertainment portfolio, I think we are more comprehensive than any other console on the market right now."

On the game side ? Is he serious ? Many of the biggest games coming to X1 are multi-plat (okay, okay, Halo Guardians, okay, okay) and Sony produces so much more exclusives than MS does right now (fact, not opinion, check the lists). PLUS PlayStation Now, PLUS PS TV. Seriously, what is this guy talking about ?!

LAWSON721365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

And to think you have all those bubbles... /facepalm

BiggerBoss1365d ago

To be fair, he's the Xbox India boss. It's not really like he's gonna do PR for playstation lol.

OT: Xbox one has really been doing well with updates and apps, but games are what it will be remembered for (hopefully). If we're lucky then Ps4 selling better will encourage MS to invest in some new first party IP's.

Toiletsteak1365d ago

What are you talking about?

Dewitt1365d ago

Stop seriously. MS has more AAA exclusives than Sony before the end of the year. Also, have quite a few on the horizon, but MS said they are focused on this year right now.

Spotie1365d ago

More might mean one or two. And while it is, indeed, still more, almost none of them belong to Microsoft. And that's assuming they actually have that lead, which is in question.

That out of the way, the PS4 has more games, PERIOD. And there's a larger variety. So they, objectively, would be VERY hard pressed to have a better portfolio of games. To top it off, doesn't the XB1 have the lowest rated lineup of the new consoles?

OpieWinston1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Microsoft is owning a lot of their new IPs that they are investing in it...Aside from ones like Rise and Sunset.
But deals like Ryse/DR3 were mainly due to the fact the X1 was forced to launch a year early, which forced MS to invest in Third party deals to get exclusives. Their First/Second party games will now be releasing.

KZ:SF 73 Metacritic
Infamous SS 80 Metacritic
Knack 54 Metacritic
TLOU Remastered 94 Metacritic
MLB 14: The Show 83 Metacritic

Forza 5 80 Metacritic
Dead Rising 3 78 Metacritic
Ryse Son of Rome 60 Metacritic
Zoo Tycoon 68 Metacritic
Titanfall 86 Metacritic
Peggle 2 77 Metacritic

Going by Metacritics...Pretty obvious both platforms are neck and neck with ratings. Unless you're counting a re-release cash grab.

Fighting - Killer Instinct
Platformers - Max/Ori
Shooters - Titanfall/Halo
Hack & Slash - Ryse/Scalebound
RPG - Fable Legends/Phantom Dust(AJRPG)
Racing - Forza 5/Horizon 2
Story Driven - Quantum Break
Sandbox Action Adventure - Crackdown/Sunset Overdrive
Mystery Adventure - D4

Please tell me where the "Larger variety is when Xbox has their bases covered.

gangsta_red1365d ago

What kind of logic is this...

"And while it is, indeed, still more, almost none of them belong to Microsoft.."

So now games has to be owned by MS in order to count them as being ahead in terms of games compared to PS? Wow, once again goal posts have been moved.

And now sony fanboys have to go to what the games were rated in order to try and justify this ever changing logic.

OpieWinston1365d ago

Sunset Overdrive(Publishing deal)
Forza Horizon 2
Quantum Break (MS owns the IP)
Halo 5 Guardians
Gears of War
Phantom Dust
Fable Legends

There's plenty of exclusives on the horizon that aren't multiplatform.

Can you please wake up?
You have to buy a Playstation TV separately...So it's not "All in one Experienc"
He's relating more to picking it up and getting all the features in the box. No need to buy other things like a "Blu-ray player" or another form of HDMI connectivity.

XiMasterChief1365d ago

Ori and the Blind Forest

imt5581365d ago

Ori is coming to PC also.

Whitey2k1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )


try this

Uncharted 4
H1Z1 ( also pc but still to one console )
PlanetSide 2( also pc but still to one console )
Everybody's Gone to Rapture
No mans sky
the order 1886
among the sleep
shadow of the beast
tearaway unfolded

KarmaV121365d ago

And how many of those are AAA games?...

I know we all have opinions on what type of games we all play but that doesn't hide the fact that most of the consumers are interested in AAA titles. I'm a fan of certain indies myself, excited for the games coming from the [email protected] program soon.

1365d ago
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incredibleMULK1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Yeah but Xbox live is less laggy and more secure. It has never been offline for entire month. That month killed socom 4. It compromised my data along with others and all they give me is dead nation and wipe out 3d? Wtf!?

Plus the x1 controller is much more comfortable. Ds4 is better than ds3 but is still kind of small.

Hk85karlsson1365d ago

"All they give me" = Entitled gamer, right here.
Who owes you anything? Sony?
U didn't even pay for anything back then, assuming you're telling the truth, and actually experienced it rather than just acting like it.

1365d ago
donthate1365d ago


Many Playstation games are often castle in the sky games. They get announced way too soon, then delayed and many of them don't even make it to a release, but it doesn't stop fangirls from listing the same games year after year.

Case in point, Agent and The Guardian, which both sounds like they have been finally cancelled. Another one is DriveClub, that might actually release for a change!

In my opinion, both the PS4 and Xbox One has it's advantages. Right now though, Xbox One is indeed the best all-in-one entertainment console on the market period!

oSHINSAo1365d ago

Cof Cof Knack cof cof Nachos :3

Funantic11365d ago

Xbox 2 biggest exclusives Gears of War and Halo sell more copies than Uncharted and God War. Look it up. Buying the Gears of War franchise was HUGE!! Xbox will also end up having more AAA exclusives than Playstation will. The PS4 will have a better chance with indies. This year is a strong indicator. Some ignorant person will try to argue that the 360 started strong then faded. The PS3 started off weak and got better much later. The 360 is still going strong. Both Xbox and Playstation will have exclusives but for a person like myself who has both PS4 (PSN name: BKaca) and X1 (gamertag: BKac), I'm seeing more for the X1 so far and in the future.

BiggerBoss1365d ago

What does that matter? Uncharted actually sells about the same as Gears, gran turismo has huge sales numbers to rival Halo, God of War sells a lot, and the Last of Us sold over 7 million only on ps3. Not to mention sonys smaller IP's that sell in the millions. So don't act like Playstation is lacking in the game department;)

They both have huge IP's that sell well, and lucky for MS Halo has a massive fan base.

700p1365d ago

With the constant updates and games etc coming on the horizon. The statement is true.

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incendy351365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

I love it as an All In One system, but damn I wish HBOGO would hurry up get here. As far as gaming goes, neither PS4 or X1 have libraries worth bragging about. That is always the case with new systems but it is really disappointing that cross platform games like Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead Season 2, South Park, Dark Souls II etc are all MIA.

plasticidolatry1365d ago

Easy way to compare PS4 and XB1 libraries.

oSHINSAo1365d ago

Lol, there are many games left in the xbox library, like the japanese ones, there are indies like outlast that are in Xbox one too... so, don believe in this source

Macdaddy711365d ago

Oh lord here goes who d~~k is bigger!!! Both systems are good, but even Sony fan boys can't talk trash bout Xbox live online, it has been King of the hill for years n only getting better, I have both ps4 n x1 and the online is still king on X1

Automatic791365d ago

Both systems are great let's leave it at that. I have X1 now but see myself picking up PS4 for some great games down the road.