10 Female Video Game Characters You Totally Fell In Love With

It might feel a bit weird actually realising you genuinely care about the pixels on screen, but when you’ve spent so much time with them and they’re written in a way that really brings them to life, who can blame you?

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Torque_CS_Lewith1207d ago

Fail article because maths: 19 =/= 10
Fail website because 11 page article :|
Fail list because no *Nariko at number 1 and no *Joanna Dark at number 2.
11. Jenny from The Darkness
10. Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite
9. Jade - Beyond Good and Evil
8. Chie/Yokiko (Persona 4)
7. Clementine (The Walking Dead)
6. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
5. Alyx Vance (Half Life)
4. Ellie (The Last Of Us)
3. Miranda/Liara/Jack/FemShep (Mass Effect)
2. Sam (Gone Home)
1. Aeris/Tifa/Rinoa/Garnett/Yuna (Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X)

*Because redheads make my tummy tingle

PinkEye1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

I don't want to click articles that are too many multiple pages/lists, but please tell me it doesn't literally mean "fall in love", as if to say "find visually attractive"...

Because that's F'd up if it does. Why are little children like Clementine and Ellie on the list then? Please tell me this isn't what I think the headline is insinuating...that is sick if it is

Pozzle1206d ago

I think the author means he "fell in love" with their personalities, not that he's sexually attracted to them.

PinkEye1206d ago


Okay thank you.

CaspuR1205d ago

love comes in many forms man, it doesnt always have to be sexual. As a matter of fact its when has the phrase fell in love ever implied that your attracted to someone physically? If it was about appearance they would have used words like hottest or sexiest characters not characters you fell in love with. etc Its safe to say Joel from TLou loves ellie right? Is he physically attracted to her? No

goldwyncq1205d ago

Ellie is not a "little children". And you completely missed the point of the article.

guitarded771205d ago

I hope he doesn't mean "sexually"... that would be some pedo stuff.

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Magicite1205d ago

I liked Judith from Tales of Vesperia.

DualWielding1206d ago

Gravity Rush's Kat, Resonance of Fate's Leanne, Ace Attorney's Mia Fey, Parsites' Eve Aya Brea

incendy351206d ago

For me it was Bastilla in Knights of the Old Republic haha.

nippletwister1206d ago

Makoto Nanaya is mai waifu.

Spotie1205d ago

Glad you didn't say Noel. Otherwise we'd have to fight.

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