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Halo: The Master Chief Collection vs. The Last of Us Remastered Feature Comparison

GamerVets compares features from the two biggest hyped up remasters this year.... both Xbox One's Halo: The Master Chief Collection and PS4's The Last of Us Remastered. (Halo: Master Chief Collection, PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered, Xbox One)

Neoninja  +   277d ago
I'm not really seeing the purpose of this comparison. Yes you get more bang for your buck with Master Chief Collection, but is there really a need to compare it to The Last of Us?
Snookies12  +   277d ago
Agreed, really weird comparison. Both are amazing, though of course you're going to get more out of your money with the Halo collection considering it's four games in one. Either way, these two are must owns for their respective systems.
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randomass171  +   277d ago
Might as well compare tag remastered and chess remastered lol.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   277d ago
"Agreed, really weird comparison."

Not even weird completely pointless all together and almost clickbait.
4Sh0w  +   277d ago
Halo MCC compared to TLOU Remastered.

AngelicIceDiamond  +   277d ago
@Show Because the only thing they have in common is they're both remasters that come out this year.
Gaming101  +   276d ago
They were compared to show that some remasters have more content than others and a higher value proposition than others, that being 4 Halo games with 100 multiplayer maps for 60 bucks, whereas TLOU has just one game with the DLC single player and maps, however all other DLC is cross buy, meaning you only get it of you bought it on PS3, else you have to pay.

Here in, it's a rather valid point considering the initial "highway robbery" articles that kept popping up when The Last of Us was announced at $50.
Septic  +   276d ago
No comparison really. Forget the features for a second, even in terms of being remastered, TMCC is on another level.
joab777  +   276d ago
No offense but is this a MS site? B/c I clicked on Forza/Driveclub comparison and it doesn't have a price (which is convenient). And it claims comparison but only shows those things in which the xbone game has...and nothing vice versa.

Also, I could care less about what is included, like 90k miles of blacktop to 65k. I'd rather have a great game than a ton of $ hit. At least title it right, instead of having us click on this garbage to realize it isn't really comparing anything.
TruthInsider  +   276d ago
Sounds like an article made up by an Xbox fantasist like Tim Dog trying to get some kind of "win" over PS4.
Next week's article: Comparing Snap feature.
shloobmm3  +   276d ago
Well I can see it making sense if you are trying to justify the purchase of a remaster. I have been playing The Last Of us Remastered and although I expected it to look better than it does the game is still enjoyable. However if you are going to make a remastered game the MCC is how you do it.The amount of content is staggering and it's what all these remasters should strive to be.
CBaoth  +   276d ago
I don't. Really who do you need to justify it to? Yourself!? It's a completely useless comparison because it only affects people like me who own both consoles. And if I already bought both systems within the launch year do you think buying both games then is suddenly going to break the bank for me?

tLoU is considered to be one of the finest games of all-time and MCC is going to be the console "orange box" equivalent of this gen. I honestly don't see how purchasing either one of these games is a bad decision, do you?
otherZinc  +   276d ago
This article absolutely sucked!

In the comments on that article:
Told the "TRUE" differences of features for Halo Master Chief Collection & TLOU Remaster
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WilliamUsher  +   277d ago
Man I haven't seen one of these in ages. Nice to see these comparisons come back, even though the diehard fans on either side will complain about them.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   277d ago
@Usher These games are of 2 different genre's.

Not nearly the same.
WilliamUsher  +   277d ago
I just like the comparisons.

Even when games are of the same genre (Forza vs Driveclub) there are tons of excuses why they can't be compared.

But meh, to each their own.
Prime157  +   276d ago
I see. Comparisons like celebrity death match used to do....
SCW1982  +   277d ago
What a stupid article.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   277d ago
Get the one you want.
incendy35  +   277d ago
Or both.. you don't have to choose between them lol.
DigitalRaptor  +   277d ago
How stupid is this?

"Oh, let's compare 4 games against one"… very smart, journalistic prowess there.
user367272  +   277d ago
No need to compare them as both are on different Consoles and are different genre.

Having said that...the MCC wins in content alone. It is literally the best bargain for any remake and how remake will be judge from now on. Glad I have a console that can play it in November.
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Max-Zorin  +   277d ago
-_- They're not even comparable!
slate91  +   277d ago
BEGGING for hits. Not necessary at all
slappy508  +   277d ago
*obviously* MCC has more content because there were more Halos released than there were TLOU. Regardless I'm picking up both these titles
NeoGamer232  +   277d ago
This is not a fair comparison.

Two very different re-masters in two very different genre's.

Both are really good games. While I have opinion on which one is the better value, that does not make the other garbage in any way.

Both really great games and I already have TLOU re-mastered and will get halo MCC on day one as well.
Sm00thNinja  +   277d ago
1 vs 4. End argument. How they even scrambled together more than a paragraph eludes me...
Tedakin  +   276d ago
One has 4 games. One has 1. This is a dumb comparison.
Torque_CS_Lewith  +   276d ago
You mean One has 4 games and 4 has one game...get it? Because the console names...I'll get my coat.
Tedakin  +   276d ago
Not bad... not bad.
Manubiggs  +   276d ago
Im done with Halo, played them all numerous times. I can't get excited about Halo anymore.
Rimeskeem  +   276d ago
I really hope Naughty Dog brings Uncharted remastered trilogy.
HanzoHattori  +   276d ago
What a silly comparison. One game is a FPS the other is a cinematic survival adventure game.
Scark92  +   276d ago
Verdict: Metro Redux wins
rigo8582  +   276d ago
This is an unfair comparison. You 4 full games compared to 1. Its easy to see there is more value in Halo. I mean you pretty much have what could be the best game(s) of each console from the last generation remastered. For me the only option is to have both. Why not have the best of both worlds.
spacedelete  +   276d ago
i have the money to have both consoles as i have two grand in my bank but just don't have any space or time to play both. its too overwelming to me to own both consoles from the same gen. saying that as a PS4 gamer i think Halo collection alone is better than PS4's whole 2014 line up which is just pathetic. i'm going to have to buy Destiny which looks average to me to get anything close to Halo on PlayStation 4.
rigo8582  +   276d ago
Not being a fanboy, I also think the 2014 lineup on xbox is superior. I guess for me its not too hard because I play everything on my Xbox one and only the the exclusives on my PS4 or WiiU. I'm also the kind of person that plays a game and once its finished move on. As I've gotten older I spend less time per game now. For me this fall and winter is gonna be overwhelming, plenty of games I want to get are coming out this year.
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JLaRosa  +   276d ago
This comparison makes no sense, Last of Us Remastered was created to give a chance for Xbox 360 gamers who didn't necessarily own a PS3 a chance to play one of the best games of last generation. Halo Master Chief Collection is obviously great value, as Microsoft is setting Halo up as its own platform, Halo TV ect.

Either way these games are both great value, so why not get both :)
WitWolfy  +   276d ago
Maybe they wanted to compare the "remastered" fonts of the two games then totally loss the plot along the way.
GrandpaSnake  +   276d ago
this is purely for the sake of saying ms is offering more content and a better value for their "games" when really its the only one of its kind... sorta. Playstation kinda started the trend if you think about offering bundled collections, and if you want to compare what their doing with this bundle a fair trade off would be metal gear collection vs halo or even some of the things kojima has done with "content" offered is usually far beyond of what halo has done.
MichaelLito79  +   276d ago
This comparison is uncalled for I personally feel both are excellent in there own right.
HugoDrax  +   276d ago
Weird comparison, in other news "First Light DLC releases in 24hrs :-)"
GearSkiN  +   276d ago
Wow dumb article.... How old is this person 10?

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