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PSN Services Are Returning

Sony Network Ent. has reported that PSN service is returning, but you may experience slowness or login issues as the network stabilizes.


Note: The PlayStation App appears to be functional now. No word on whether PSN is fully restored on the PS4 yet.

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jujubee88699d ago

And so the blackhat hackers 15 minuets of fame ends.

Now it's just the FBI who will be keeping tabs on them.

rextraordinaire699d ago

Yeah you don't really throw bomb warnings around without consequences. Serves them right.

Menkyo698d ago

calling in a bomb threat on a plane now makes them terrorists and under the patriot act can be held with out trail or representation, so basically they could be disappeared.

ScottyHoss698d ago

Weren't they just a bunch of teens from Ontario?

Dee_91699d ago

Did these attacks affect ps3 psn? I have been online for the past 3 or 4 hours now.

Nitrowolf2699d ago

I don't believe so. Apparently it was just PS4 and the ps app that were really affected. And the website to

FITgamer698d ago

I live Phoenix and it hasn't gone down on PS4 at all here, but a friend of mine in Ohio messaged me from his PS3 said he couldn't sign in on PS4. So i'm guessing it's just select areas on PS4 only.

bloodybutcher698d ago

I live in Germany, couldn't sign in on ps3 for some time as well, thoughnmuch shorter time then on my ps4

tiffac008698d ago

I don't think we can even consider them hackers. That's like an insult for the real deal.

trancefreak698d ago

I still can't get in but hopefully soon.

jujubee88698d ago

Funnily enough I was having an anti-corporation discussion with a guy who works with technologies the other day...

So, this better not be aimed at me, smartguy! :X

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Twiggy699d ago

This is great news!! I was expecting it to be offline for a few days, extremely pleased that things are returning back to normal!

plasticidolatry699d ago

DDOS attacks typically last a few hours, not days.

Twiggy699d ago

Again very glad to hear, the last hack lasted two months? if that crap happened again, I'd have to go find another hobbie, bugger that.

wsoutlaw87698d ago

the last hack didnt bring down the psn for that long, sony did. There was information stolen so they took it down until it was fully secure. This is just a little ddos attack which dont last long

crimsonfox699d ago

All I wanted to do was play Plants vs Zombies :'(

thecowsaysmoo699d ago TrollingShowReplies(3)
onyoursistersback699d ago

@ thecowsaysmoo

funny.....xboxOne should of came with all its DLC.

Sharky231698d ago

Hackers seem to think they're doing everybody a favor! In the meantime we sit at home unable to play anything! Thanks hackers!!!

crimsonfox698d ago (Edited 698d ago )

I honestly don't understand what they are trying to achieve. Atleast I can watch the new Netflix series Bojack Horseman...pretty good. It ain't no Rick and Morty though.

Dynasty2021698d ago

PSN was down yesterday but apparently PVZ was still working online.


crimsonfox698d ago

I couldn't even play single player garden ops. It kept on giving me a "you have to be signed into the PSN network" message.

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WackoDaSniper699d ago

I was on earlier. Ghosts only had 2,419 players and it normally has 40,000. Cant connect now.

EdoubleD699d ago

Good, foolish kids looking for attention.
They didn't even get their 15 minutes.


I'm pretty sure they got more than 15 minutes. People on N4G have been talking about them all day...and will likely be talking about them next week when they actually get caught.

Don't see what the point of them doing all this was. Kids do some pretty dumb stuff for attention. Anyone else see the girl that did the Ice Bucket challenge after getting her wisdom tooth taken out?


Dee_91699d ago

geez logic 15 minutes of fame is a figure of speech.. They will be irrelevant very soon like all the other "l33t haxor groups"

LOGICWINS699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Im well aware its a figure of speech thank you. If they were so "irrelevant", this article wouldnt be at 200 degrees already.

When you give a multibillion dollar company a headache, you got your 15 minutes of fame and then some.

The intentions behind this are unclear, at least to me. But if you're going to protest something, I'd rather a cyber attack as opposed to a violent protest on the street like we are seeing in Missouri where civilians are in mortal danger.

Dee_91698d ago (Edited 698d ago )

You really should consider changing your name. Maybe something more along the lines of "MyOpinionWins" or "IDon'tActuallyReadCo mmentsIReplyToWins".
You can't say they got more than 15 minutes of fame if people have only been talking about them today.. That's very illogical..I'm pretty sure I said "will be irrelevant very soon"... just read my comment.. yup I did say that.. If you're gonna quote try to quote in context.

Ahh yes.He compares the killing of an unarmed civilian by the police to supposedly Sony not spending its customers money on protecting itself and its customers from DDOS attacks.This has been yet another logical comment from LOGICWINS..