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PSN Services Are Returning

Sony Network Ent. has reported that PSN service is returning, but you may experience slowness or login issues as the network stabilizes. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4)

Update Note: The PlayStation App appears to be functional now. No word on whether PSN is fully restored on the PS4 yet.

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jujubee88  +   38d ago
And so the blackhat hackers 15 minuets of fame ends.

Now it's just the FBI who will be keeping tabs on them.
rlacorne  +   38d ago
Yeah you don't really throw bomb warnings around without consequences. Serves them right.
Menkyo  +   38d ago
calling in a bomb threat on a plane now makes them terrorists and under the patriot act can be held with out trail or representation, so basically they could be disappeared.
ScottyHoss  +   38d ago
Weren't they just a bunch of teens from Ontario?
Dee_91  +   38d ago
Did these attacks affect ps3 psn? I have been online for the past 3 or 4 hours now.
Nitrowolf2  +   38d ago
I don't believe so. Apparently it was just PS4 and the ps app that were really affected. And the website to
FITgamer  +   38d ago
I live Phoenix and it hasn't gone down on PS4 at all here, but a friend of mine in Ohio messaged me from his PS3 said he couldn't sign in on PS4. So i'm guessing it's just select areas on PS4 only.
bloodybutcher  +   38d ago
I live in Germany, couldn't sign in on ps3 for some time as well, thoughnmuch shorter time then on my ps4
tiffac008  +   38d ago
I don't think we can even consider them hackers. That's like an insult for the real deal.
trancefreak  +   38d ago
I still can't get in but hopefully soon.
RussellGorall  +   38d ago
Hurray for corporations!
jujubee88  +   38d ago
Funnily enough I was having an anti-corporation discussion with a guy who works with technologies the other day...

So, this better not be aimed at me, smartguy! :X
Twiggy  +   38d ago
This is great news!! I was expecting it to be offline for a few days, extremely pleased that things are returning back to normal!
plasticidolatry  +   38d ago
DDOS attacks typically last a few hours, not days.
Twiggy  +   38d ago
Again very glad to hear, the last hack lasted two months? if that crap happened again, I'd have to go find another hobbie, bugger that.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   38d ago
tell that to riot lolz
wsoutlaw87  +   38d ago
the last hack didnt bring down the psn for that long, sony did. There was information stolen so they took it down until it was fully secure. This is just a little ddos attack which dont last long
crimsonfox  +   38d ago
All I wanted to do was play Plants vs Zombies :'(
thecowsaysmoo   38d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
onyoursistersback  +   38d ago
@ thecowsaysmoo https://mobile.twitter.com/...

funny.....xboxOne should of came with all its DLC.
Sharky231  +   38d ago
Hackers seem to think they're doing everybody a favor! In the meantime we sit at home unable to play anything! Thanks hackers!!!
crimsonfox  +   38d ago
I honestly don't understand what they are trying to achieve. Atleast I can watch the new Netflix series Bojack Horseman...pretty good. It ain't no Rick and Morty though.
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Dynasty2021  +   38d ago
PSN was down yesterday but apparently PVZ was still working online.

crimsonfox  +   38d ago
I couldn't even play single player garden ops. It kept on giving me a "you have to be signed into the PSN network" message.
WackoDaSniper  +   38d ago
I was on earlier. Ghosts only had 2,419 players and it normally has 40,000. Cant connect now.
EdoubleD  +   38d ago
Good, foolish kids looking for attention.
They didn't even get their 15 minutes.
LOGICWINS  +   38d ago
I'm pretty sure they got more than 15 minutes. People on N4G have been talking about them all day...and will likely be talking about them next week when they actually get caught.

Don't see what the point of them doing all this was. Kids do some pretty dumb stuff for attention. Anyone else see the girl that did the Ice Bucket challenge after getting her wisdom tooth taken out?

Dee_91  +   38d ago
geez logic 15 minutes of fame is a figure of speech.. They will be irrelevant very soon like all the other "l33t haxor groups"
LOGICWINS  +   38d ago
Im well aware its a figure of speech thank you. If they were so "irrelevant", this article wouldnt be at 200 degrees already.

When you give a multibillion dollar company a headache, you got your 15 minutes of fame and then some.

The intentions behind this are unclear, at least to me. But if you're going to protest something, I'd rather a cyber attack as opposed to a violent protest on the street like we are seeing in Missouri where civilians are in mortal danger.
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Dee_91  +   38d ago
You really should consider changing your name. Maybe something more along the lines of "MyOpinionWins" or "IDon'tActuallyReadCo mmentsIReplyToWins".
You can't say they got more than 15 minutes of fame if people have only been talking about them today.. That's very illogical..I'm pretty sure I said "will be irrelevant very soon"... just read my comment.. yup I did say that.. If you're gonna quote try to quote in context.

Ahh yes.He compares the killing of an unarmed civilian by the police to supposedly Sony not spending its customers money on protecting itself and its customers from DDOS attacks.This has been yet another logical comment from LOGICWINS..
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Jihaad_cpt  +   37d ago
What a douche
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Jihaad_cpt  +   37d ago
[Double Post]
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X-23  +   38d ago
I was playing Last of Us and Ultra SF4 on PC the entire time so this "Attack" meant very little to me as I'm sure many others felt the same way, but its nice to know the FBI are involved now. People are tired of having what little free time they do have from work or school pissed around with by losers like these.
zerog  +   38d ago
Well since last of us is a playstation exclusive does that mean you're a hacker and/or a theif?
tlougotg  +   38d ago
Idk I'm in NYC and I've been on Psn all day and have seen Alot if my friends gaming so it didn't affect everyone.
Stapleface  +   38d ago
I'm not far from you and I was affected. It was a pretty wide spread issue. But as with most cases there are always exceptions.
tlougotg  +   38d ago
Very true Bcus although it see friends online, its only bout 11 when i usually see about 24 around this time.
iceman06  +   38d ago
I was playing early this morning (bout 4:30 am) with a friend in D.C. He got disconnected. But, myself and another friend were fine. (both of us in the Midwest). Since then, it's been hit or miss.
Dontworrybhappy  +   38d ago
No go for me still :(
snarls200  +   38d ago
i couldn't even play PixelJunk™ Shooter Ultimate until i disconnected from the net. at least crunchroll worked
Toon_Link  +   38d ago
Has anyone been abler to get on psn with a ps4? I can login on ps3 but still no luck on my ps4.
Salooh  +   38d ago
Dumb dumbs . They achieved nothing right now lol ..
Quicktim3  +   38d ago
they return right when its my bedtime

man fuck this.
jegheist2014  +   38d ago
omg i jsut got word from soruce hwo got into there irc dontk now if its true but group just hacked frost bank low entry working htere way into main node if reals i hate to be idiots responsible.

they are also cvhalenging feds they got 7 days to cattch if not they r globally wipeing out world wide web cellphones and any network infrastructure globaslly yea right well they could be serious look at whats happened today.

if world wide web goes out then u better believe book of revelations is real peopel 4th horseman has been unleashed ill be at prisest by next monday confessing all my sins cuz im not taking chance of global disaster white pale horse rider comeso ut sky saying your doomed i am real lol im tripping to bad all this weed and rum today what an day
Muzikguy  +   38d ago
What is this? I'm sorry but I can't even follow... Waaaayy too much weed and rum I guess
More rum than weed, this is drunken drivel.
Inception  +   38d ago
Yeah it's working again, but i'm playing Tales of Xillia 2 all day reducing Ludger's debt. So yeah not really a problem to me :)
vanity29  +   38d ago
reached 50,000 gald yesterday! lol Poor Ludger
Inception  +   38d ago
I still have 19.786.000 gald to pay. Poor Ludger indeed >.<

But now there's more elite monster to kill and they drop a lot of gald + exp. I wonder what i got if i can pay all Ludger debt...
vikingland1  +   38d ago
They broke the internet j/k.
Eejanaika  +   38d ago
Need better security to prevent these things.
Glad to see their comming back though,
none of these companies deserve what these hackers are doing to them
one2thr  +   38d ago
It wasnt a security issue, it was a server over load issue.

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Eejanaika  +   38d ago
true, here its still considered a security issue to sony,since it is a breech of online service to bring down a netowrk or interrupt online services. what its considered in you're country is up to you, either way though sony and other online services need to implement security protocals to prevent these things from happening
one2thr  +   38d ago
What could more security do to regulate a constant overflow of traffic. To my knowledge, it would be difficult to implement a program to wheat out fake request from the real request when the system that is providing the service identifies all request, as legit request.

So to some people, they feel that it would bring them extreme joy, by overloading a system (multiple servers), with fake request that, it identified as legit, and by doing so it crippled the system seeing that actual legit users, were sending "real" request
But again the system wouldnt know whats legit and not legit.

The reason why I say fake and not "false", is that the fakes arent tended to be answered by those who are doing the DDoS attack where as false would more than like fall into the hands of there firewalls.

A better analogy, I work at a deli (I would be service), and there are people requesting a cut of meet and a specific type of cheese, lets say a few customers wanted a deits & watsons turkey sliced very thick, by them making the request its my right to cut and finish that work load, but lets say a one of the customers are a "Dick"(DDoS attacker), and wanted me to cut there prosuitto paper then, more on the crumbly side and want a piece of paper in between all the slices, and to cut 2lbs of it, and to also cut their muenster cheese on a shaved setting and place a piece of paper in between each slice, as I am doing that other customers are asking me is there anyone else back here that can help you, and I say no there isnt anyone that can help me with this load (I just denied them), and seeing that this is a "fake", request that "Dick" walks away saying they'll just come back for the rest but they dont, and I would have to keep slicing which pisses off many other customers seeing that Im responding to a fake request that I identified as a legit request.

If any of that makes any sense, and the only real way to combat against that is to know who the "Dicks" are and in any case, it can be just anybody.

#16.1.2 (Edited 38d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Eejanaika  +   37d ago
More security would allow them to not get breeched and loose their service first of all. If steam and microsoft implemented them, sony can do the same. which will identify fake requests and real requests. Its not that hard to tell when you get spammed numerouse requests. and yes their is a way to tell. not sure where you were going with that but ok then
one2thr  +   37d ago
You think if there was away to completely stop a DDos attack from happening, a multi billion dollar company(s) would not know how to implement systems with proper "security" measures to prevent such events from crippling their service thus causing millions of customers to become pissed off at the fact they can no long access said services?

I'd like to know your method (legit request)
Jihaad_cpt  +   37d ago
It's not security issue it's a capacity issue or redundant capacity. Microsoft had teh same issue. So please just stop
FourtyPoundSteak  +   38d ago
Im still offline on PS4

Muzikguy  +   38d ago
I still can't get on the PSN. So the "internet tough guy(s)" won this round as I won't be able to enjoy some gaming before I go to work.
Letthewookiewin  +   38d ago
You can play single player games.
isa_scout  +   38d ago
I feel ya man. After waiting all day I'm off to bed for work in the AM.... Really pissed that I couldn't play Plants vs Zombies all freakin day.
Muzikguy  +   38d ago
@Letthe I know I can play single player games. That's not the point. I had one day off in the last 2 weeks and wanted to play some online games. I pay for that right, and it's frustrating to have it taken away. I didn't do anything to deserve that. :/
CervantesPR   38d ago | Spam
TURKEYonWH3AT  +   38d ago
It's working for me on PS4! Yay!!!
Slacker  +   38d ago
Yup! Just checked and everything is back up for me as well (US East coast). First things first activate my system as the primary.
BobBelcher  +   38d ago | Well said
Xbox owner here- glad to hear that PSN is up again. Pathetic hackers are pathetic. Game on.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   38d ago
Bubble up up for well said, gamers need to stick together and not bolster about how they weren't affected.
RussellGorall  +   38d ago
Hopefully they learned their lesson about corporate greed, but I doubt it.
sanosukegtr123  +   38d ago
I hate people does things like this.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   38d ago
Hackers suck
bloodybutcher  +   38d ago
Yay,got my morning fix of nba2k14! Phew, was already getting a withdrawal symptoms.
WitWolfy  +   38d ago
DDOSing isnt hacking... When will people learn the difference?
D-riders  +   38d ago
Yeah with the fbi. Involved these dude should be shittin in their pants. One the fbi never quits , two under the Patriot act they could be Considered terrorist. Which if you throw them in jail for four months without giving them specific charges and no lawyer no Contact with family.they won't do it again. And no one else will either
Killzoner99  +   38d ago
Kudos to Sony for getting things back to normal so quickly. It shows that they are in full control of the situation. Now these hackers can pay for what they have done.
GoodnessGreatness  +   38d ago
Was it down? I was online on PS4 for the past few days.
Fanci  +   37d ago
It's funny because if this ever happened to XBL, everyone would rage at how Xbox Live's servers are crap. But since it's PSN, it's shame on the hackers. Hypocrisy at it's finest.
Gameplay999  +   37d ago
MS has a tighter grip on these things. Yes Sony has the more powerful hardware, but what good is it if these kinds of happenings occur? 300,000 servers from XO say hello! Sonys' too poor to put the proper security in place. They had better get on it of they know whats good for their fanbase. Seriously.
I'm not sure about all that, however, I do agree that for their sake SONY should have a better system in place for these situations. Gamers are junkies for online gaming and if this happens enough, a lot of them will jump ship to the competition if it means more stable online service.
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