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Blizzard, PlayStation Network, and more under wide DDoS attack [Update: FBI now investigating]

Several gaming servers have been at the receiving end of DDoS attacks over the past several hours. Blizzard's Battle.net servers, Riot's League of Legends, Grinding Gear Games' Path of Exile, and PlayStation Network are among those under attack by a group of hackers calling themselves Lizard Squad. (Blizzard, PC, PlayStation, PlayStation Network, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update Playstation Network is back online!


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Enemy  +   338d ago
They said Microsoft was next. At least they were decent enough to give them a heads up.

Edit: One of the guys is already doxxed. Hope it was worth it.
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Lawboy2  +   338d ago
They found him...where was he
xXSilentXx  +   338d ago
i think the boy of 14 was scammed by a bug or so he cant be that guy!
thorstein  +   338d ago
That looks more like a kid who wanted to be a part of something but got yanked in and used. All those attacks coming from China and we're to believe it was just this kid at this house n Ontario?
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chrismichaels04  +   338d ago | Well said
All day long, xbox fans tried using this nonsense as an excuse to bash PlayStation. Now it's affecting Xbox as well. Now is the time for everyone to drop the ridiculous fanboy bickering and unite as one cohesive gaming community to show these mischievous online groups that we will not be shaken by their foolish attempts to get attention. Because at the end of the day, the only people being inconvenienced is us.....the gamers.
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Lawboy2  +   338d ago
@ Chrismicheals

What are you talking....stop spreading rumors....this is the problem with the internet now


@ enemy

Yeah I've been following there twitter all day because I was worried...I think they said they were going to attack xbox live about 6 hours ago...I can check

@ Chris again

No the problem with the internet is ppl talking about things...when they don't what they are talking about...we were talking about the kid being caught...which you responded to my question with xbox live being down while I am playing on xbox live...that blows my mind....what was ur point
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Enemy  +   338d ago
@ Lawboy: They appear to be taking credit for an oncoming Xbox Live attack. https://www.facebook.com/ha...

@ above: No one's saying the kid acted alone.
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chrismichaels04  +   338d ago | Well said
@Lawboy2 - This is exactly what im talking about. The "problem with the internet" is people like you. These online groups are causing problems for all gamers and while I'm asking for the entire gaming community to unite...all you want to do is argue.
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M-M  +   338d ago

He did it on purpose, it's the only reason why he comes to this site lol.
GT67  +   338d ago
Did'nt these hackers learn anything from GEO HOTZ case "dont do the crime if you cant do the time"
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mydyingparadiselost  +   338d ago
Maybe you shouldn't be posting links to phone numbers and addresses, especially for people that aren't even involved or for someone who is possibly but not proven to be involved.
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moujahed  +   337d ago
The link you posted regarding the X-Box Live status states that Social & Gaming is limited. Although you may be online, others aren't able to log in. Chill dude, we are all in the same boat no matter what platform you favor.
morganfell  +   337d ago

This is from your link capture at 209 Eastern Time on Aug 25th.


As regards this being a 14 year old it is entirely possible. All one need do is read their twitter feed and it sounds like the comnprehension level of a 14 year old. Also its DDOSing, not exactly an action that requires mature skill.
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DragonKnight  +   337d ago
HE LIVES IN SCARBOROUGH?! HA, I should go and pay him a visit.
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gangsta_red  +   337d ago
Wow, this didn't even happen to Xbox and PS fanboys are so desperate to try and pretend it did so they can not feel bad about this attack happening to their system.

The point Lawboy is making is stop trying to throw Xbox Live into this mess when it never happened to them. You want gamers to unite, then start by stating the truth and we'll go from there.
thecowsaysmoo  +   338d ago
Sony and Blizzard should pay the FBI for their services for finding these guys.
zugdar  +   338d ago
Only if they don't pay taxes. Otherwise, that's what your money goes to.
lodossrage  +   338d ago
Why should they pay the FBI for doing their jobs that they don't even do half the time while being payed tax payer money?
Clash115  +   338d ago
I don't think they should pay and I also think the big part of them investigating is because these people made threats towards a plane. I could be wrong.
vikingland1  +   338d ago
Tax payers pay the FBI,it's their job.
godofboobees  +   338d ago
Id whoop your ass for free
Eejanaika  +   338d ago
really need to pay for preotection.
Consoldtobots  +   337d ago
this system is run on monetized debt. your taxes don't pay for anything other than keeping you poor.
sevilha82  +   338d ago
their already attacking Ms i´ve seen the news,Xboxlive is at limited services as right now:

Masterh0ppa  +   337d ago
purely blizzard servers.. nothing to do with xbox live.. get your facts straight before posting nonsens.
sevilha82  +   337d ago
#Masterh0ppa:Did you even read the article,i think it´s preatty self explanatory,limited serviçes not compleatlly down ,and by the way this was several hours ago so it´s more likelly to be fixed by now,next time don´t let your fanboyism and brand loyalty blind you when someone is only trying to help and inform other people.

the attack was more than confirmed by the part of MS,just not as strong as Sony´s,mostlikelly because they already where taking preacations
lex-1020  +   337d ago

Still limited. How about you get your facts straight before commenting.


Gameplay999  +   337d ago
MS is better equipped to deal with these issues than Sony.
sevilha82  +   337d ago
@Gameplay:I agree,their infracstuture is much more stable and vastly superior,plus the fact that they had like 12 hour of heads start to prepare from possible attack due to Sony ,LoL,Blizzard and others where attacked much earlier,but it´s over now luckylly it will take several months for us to see another similiar attack.

Future_2015   338d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Magicite  +   337d ago
somebody is about to visit jail.
HanzoHattori  +   337d ago
Looks like someone's going to jail. LOL And they deserve to be butt hurt... Literally.
CuddlyREDRUM   337d ago | Immature | show
CuddlyREDRUM  +   337d ago
You are just as bad as them, perhaps worse. Putting up teenagers info?

shloobmm3  +   337d ago
They tried to attack Microsoft but ultimately failed because XBL doesn't all run back to one server. Majority of users were unaffected and all the errors that are up on the xbox.com site( for instance the Diablo 3 issues have been there since Diablo's launch) have nothing to do with the DDoS attack. I believe what was affected was down for all of 12 minutes or something. So there is a big difference there.
Droidanomix  +   337d ago
I'm pretty sure even in Canada they have due process rights. What are you trying to accomplish by accusing this kid and then posting his personal information? It's almost as if you want want someone to go to his house and do some type of harm to him or his family. Wow, such a tough guy you are.
lilbrat23  +   337d ago
I wish these hackers would do something useful like PAY OFF my student loans. sheesh
XtraTrstrL  +   338d ago
Sh*t just got real!
WackoDaSniper  +   338d ago
It's LizardSquad. Just some kids trying to be big. They're gonna end up just like Lulzsec, everyone notices them then they go to prison and everyone forgets them. On top of DDoSing Xbox Live & PSN, they cause a airliner flight to be diverted because of a phony bomb threat. That takes it to a whole new level. An FBI rep has replied to ShackNews.com saying this is a national security matter. The guy even tweeted Islamic extremist stuff and stated that he wasn't afraid of the FBI. This poor kid is throwing his life away. What's the point of all this anyway? No one admires them or fears them they're just another wannabe hacker group.
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TheBurger29  +   338d ago
Good let him. I fell sorry for nobody that gets enjoyment from causing major problems to A LOT of people. Hope he enjoys prison :D
They cause a flight to be diverted? wow what would cause someone to do this crap?
Kivespussi  +   337d ago
Some Sony employee was on the plain. So they tweeted and said there is a bomb in the flight. Here's a "best of" tweets from the account for those interested






Pretty stupid if you ask me. DDoS'ing a bunch of servers is one thing but a fake terrorist claim took it to another level. They just ruined the rest of their lives with just one tweet.

Can't say I'll miss these guys.
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Kivespussi  +   337d ago
Sorry, I meant plane, not plain.

And "some Sony employee" that I mentioned was John Smedley

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XtraTrstrL  +   338d ago
What a dumbass name too, Lizard Squad. Might as well be Penis Squad. That's what they'll end up being dubbed by fellow inmates in State Prison. Considering they'll probably be the smallest, nerdiest dudes in there, they'll be dealing with a whole lot of penal all day long.
Bhuahahaha  +   338d ago
and probably some inmate there will pimp em up and make him act as their girl
Eejanaika  +   338d ago
Dumb kids looking for attention.
aphid_squirrel  +   338d ago
Later on you find out it was 43 year old man with a beard.
SpinalRemains138  +   338d ago
"with a beard"??

Does that add to the crime or something lol?
SilentNegotiator  +   337d ago
You mean mustache.
bloodybutcher  +   337d ago
43 year old fat man with a neckbeard
aphid_squirrel  +   338d ago
Well time to play watchdogs.
RealtorMDandDC  +   338d ago
Tried that a little bit ago. You can't do certain things and a pop up keeps coming on stating cannot connect to psn network. But that was 3 hrs ago.
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BluP  +   338d ago
I think you missed the point of that comment.
stavrami-mk2  +   338d ago
Kingdomcome247  +   338d ago
I've done more hacking in Watch Dogs than these goofballs playing in their Mother's basements have done.
KNWS  +   338d ago
X box live on x box 1 isn't been effected.

http://support.xbox.com/en-... Look at the date of the notice. Its from Friday 22th.

This one is new, but the issue is on the 360 not x box 1


False alarm for x box 1 been attacked. The dates don't match up for today.

Lol look at the disagrees i am getting woah crazy some people are so blind to the truth. This is coming from Microsoft double woah woah

Reko@ So just because i like x box you disagree? Reporting factual information doesn't matter to you. Today is the 24th that status from x box live is from 22th. Its two days behind.
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SonyStyled  +   338d ago
to add to the whats affected and whats not. i am completely able to go online on my vita. i have not tried the ps3 with my account but my brother has been playing cod zombies on and off all day on ps3. for my household those devices are capable of going and playing online on the psn. however i wasnt able to sign into the psn on my ps4
reko  +   338d ago
its cause youre a xbox reporter,maybe thats why you get disagrees.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   338d ago
Don't even try they're crazy man.
HanzoHattori  +   337d ago
Xbox live is being affected...

Current status is Social and Gaming : Limited

25/08/2014 07:25:59 GMT:


No one can prevent a DDoS attack unless you control everything that's connected to your network. A gaming network will always be vulnerable, but there are ways to limit and mitigate the affects of such an attack.
Masterh0ppa  +   337d ago
it's not micrsoft servers that is the issue here... blizzard their servers beeing attacked..
shloobmm3  +   337d ago
Yeah the Diablo issues don't stem from Microsoft. However even if they were DDoS it would only affect a small amount of user because Microsoft uses multiple servers where as the psn all funnels back into one which is why the whole thing gets shut down for everybody.
morganfell  +   337d ago
KNWS, this is today at 215 PM EST:

blackout  +   337d ago
Wow 46 disagrees for stating facts. These Sony batches don't like to be one up. Sony has all of you drain washed. It's just Sooooo funny and depressing at the same time. On another note I traded in the remastered station 4 today. Best thing I've done I a long while. Lol, I think I'll do it again LOL.

Ps. Please look up and understand what AZURE is. Its not some lame ass psn service that are rented. This is the NUMBER 1 CLOUD servis in the world. Greatness Awaits, my Ass. All graphics and no substance.
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equal_youth  +   338d ago
it was clear that they would find somebody sooner or later but that was fast.^^
pixelsword  +   337d ago
They probably have a mole, but then again DDoS attacks aren't very hard to trace-back if the attackers are a bunch of morons.
Enemy  +   338d ago
PSN will be back soon. https://pbs.twimg.com/media...
Twiggy  +   338d ago
Thank you!!
kenshiro100  +   338d ago
FBI? Uh-oh, they better not drop that soap in Guantanamo Bay.
Bobertt   338d ago | Offensive
XtraTrstrL  +   338d ago
Wow, they really did a fake bomb threat to John Smedley goiing on a flight? What a bunch of little spineless turds. It kinda negates the whole idea that it was to teach Sony a lesson, especially with them attacking every gaming service. It's just them looking for fame, lil attention wh0res. Hopefully all these companies start using something like Prolexic for DDOS attacks now though.
Soldierone  +   338d ago
Also posted terrorist things as well.

DDoS may not have been anything more than a fine. Going full blown terrorist though? Have fun vanishing off the face of the earth!
jznrpg  +   337d ago
Never go full retard
HanzoHattori  +   337d ago
DDoS attacks usually occur across state and international borderlines, which makes it a federal offense.
DeadMansHand  +   338d ago
Federal prison. Life destroyed. Good! I couldn't play Diablo online all day. Fair trade if you ask me.
HiddenMission  +   338d ago
You do realize that they attacked a company who fees for being down for an hour is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars...yeah its not about the gamers it's about the several hundred thousand dollar felony...yeah life destroyed for getting what they deserve. If that was your money they caused you to lose you would want them in prison too.

Think 1st before commenting.
rainslacker  +   338d ago
Most of their life will likely be spent in jail due to that bomb threat(for at least the person that made it). If the FBI has said it is a national security issue then the NSA is involved. They wouldn't even have to take these idiots to court....although they probably will if there's evidence.

Cyber Crimes in general aren't really a life long sentence...particularly if nothing was actually stolen. Doesn't really matter about the loss of revenue, although it can play a factor in sentencing.

It's possible the person isn't from the US, but if they're from a country that is in whatever that whole internet security consortium is, then they can be expedited, or tried by a foreign government, since all these companies do business internationally, and of course airlines fall under strict international laws about this kind of stuff.
#12.1.1 (Edited 338d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
calis  +   337d ago
@Hidden Mission - They have insurance for these types of things.
HiddenMission  +   337d ago
You do know when a business files a claim with their insurance company for issues like this it usually takes over a year before they get the money back. Which means they have to incur all of the costs until they get reimbursed. Most big companies do wage assessments every year and if they had already done this then these fees would put them over budget and employees will be laid off.

I think many gamers don't understand how actual business work...or have very little experience in the corporate world. These types of actions have financial impacts aside from the airplane issue.
ZombieGamerMan  +   338d ago
Man what's up with people these days why are they so quick to do these crazy things
sevilha82  +   338d ago
PSN is back up ,im in.
Silly gameAr  +   338d ago
I've been able to sign in and play TLOU MP for the last couple of hours.
sevilha82  +   338d ago
Here in Portugal is only coming back (slowlly)now and for the app and ps3 only,still can´t log in ps4 tough.
BG11579  +   338d ago
Strangely the PSN was never down for me, just the PsStore was unaccessible due to maintenance.
ceballos77mx  +   338d ago
This is a good example of why an online only console would fail, I just got plants vs zombies on ps4 and its unplayable because I need to connect to psn...Good thing I got diablo too so im good.
sovietsoldier  +   338d ago

and under that realm of thinking, you know a console that runs on power is doomed to fail when the power go's out.
SpinalRemains138   338d ago | Immature | show
Moe-Gunz  +   338d ago
PSN back up. I hope these idiots go to jail. I support "hacktivism" when the cause is worth it and supports the people. This crap right here is attention seeking and I hope the FBI gives them their attention in person.
ZeroAtmin  +   338d ago
If the feds are involved then things are getting serious.
Prepare your unplugged TVs for midnight guys get ready to see some kids desperate for attention.(Get the reference)
Sketchy_Galore  +   338d ago
The thing that makes this so incredibly delicious is that these kids still think they're the perpetrators of the joke and not the butt of it. The server spamming might have been possible to wriggle out of but getting a flight grounded by sending in a phony bomb threat? Oh you better believe that's a paddlin'. Even if it's completely obvious that it was just a joke for the 'lulz' (ugh) the authorities HAVE to take it seriously and dish out some extremely severe punishment, simply to reinforce the message that you don't screw around with that stuff.

They clearly think people are following them because we're all terrified of what badass thing they're gonna do next. It's great that they're the only ones who don't see the obvious fact that the hammer is about to come down on them hard and we're all just waiting for that 'not if but when' moment. I would say I can't wait but since I know without a doubt it's coming and they're so wonderfully oblivious the wait is just so entertaining.
Jrmy84  +   337d ago
They are in for some serious Federal time, any type of bomb threat is a Federal crime. My understanding though since it was a hoax the bomb threat alone carries a maximum 5 years Federal (hope your mom and pops got you a soap on the rope sentence:-)
tanookisuit  +   338d ago
Hmmm, all those addresses are located in Canada (as per that pastebin link)...
#19 (Edited 338d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jegheist2014  +   338d ago
its gonna be hard to catch them all u gotta do kids r smart ddos for bout 48 hours on dummy laptop discard it flee to nother state lay low while return when everyone elses been caught simple.

not all them will be caughto nes that be caught ro nes stupid enough to continue to ddos or hack cuz its ego problem.

most hackers are addicted to the rush wanna be hackers r paranoid they will run flee those r ones who get away so 2-3 of this group will not be caught just heads up
jegheist2014  +   338d ago
is everyone blind sided when u hack u can get awya with discard laptop stop ddosing like i said above if nay more attacks happen after today its real serious peopel with ego problem.

but yourn ot gonna catch them all vitual ip is virtual ip if your stupid to hack from your place of legal residence your dumb hacker internet cafes librarys r best place to pull stunt liek this off use there cpu not your own youll bei mpossible to trace
Cobra951  +   338d ago
There was a problem with XBL too? Funny, I never noticed, and I was on it most of the day. I'll see what's up tomorrow.
#22 (Edited 338d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Cobra951  +   337d ago
Haha! Gotta love disagreements to statements of fact.

I just logged in this morning (9:25 AM EDT 8/25/14) and XBL is still working fine here.
#22.1 (Edited 337d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MonsterChef  +   337d ago
I'm pretty sure your getting disagrees because you sound like a douchbag, I may dislike Microsoft but I don't wish ill to its customers, this whole ordeal shouldn't even be labeled Sony vs Microsoft it's under a holes looking for attention with an easy way of crippling a network, not to mention any sympathy they would have garnered from this they lost the second they issued a bomb threat and started posting ISIS crap after they just beheaded a journalist
mediate-this  +   337d ago
Micro should do sony's software and sony should do micros hardware.
urwifeminder  +   337d ago
I don't mind a bit of protest but the threat on the plane was over the top and should be dealt with first and foremost ,that said sorry to hear about people being unable to play sure it won't be for long.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   337d ago
That is awesome users are putting up info of teenage boys. Where is the moderation?
ATi_Elite  +   337d ago
A message to ALL HAckers.........

DDos really? that's so LAME! you want to impress the general public, hack the IRS and or the credit bureau and give everyone high credit scores.

Now that would be impressive and we would love you for it.
andibandit  +   337d ago
According to the picture we just need to shoot all the zombies
xXSilentXx  +   337d ago
if you are effected then you're pc will be fried up :)
#27.1 (Edited 337d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DefenderOfDoom2  +   337d ago
Airline was really hacked . That is really scary and not good! All over the news today,
DJ  +   337d ago

Strangely relevant.
xXSilentXx  +   337d ago
Back online yeah :)
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