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The NintendoEnthusiast Forums talk about which characters they want to see in Super Smash Bros 4, with less than a month until the game release.

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Geekman1300d ago

Got everyone I wanted.

3-4-51300d ago

* Dragon Quest 9 Hero similar to Robin from FE:A.

* Andy - Advance Wars

* Billy or Jimmy from Double Dragon 2 NES

* Lark from Pilot Wings 64

* Goemon Mystical Ninja 64

* Bomberman

Sano641300d ago

There are still a few I want.

1. Mouser from SMB2
2. King Hippo from Punch Out
3. Elite Beat Agents (they can play similar to the Ice Climbers)

And how about Mike Jones from Star Tropics as an assist trophy

eworthington01300d ago

I would really like Shulk to be in.
Im sure a lot of us do...
But im starting to doubt it will happen.

juegosmajicos1300d ago

I'd love for Shulk to be in as well. I don't really know if it's unlikely for him to be in, because it doesn't seem to me that these characters get in through popularity or the quality of their design or anything like that. Sometimes it seems arbitrary.

For example, given the rising popularity of Monster Hunter in the west thanks to Nintendo, and the good relationship that Capcom and Nintendo seem to have going on, I would think that putting in a monster hunter in Smash is an obvious choice. But then, who really knows.

Logan8321300d ago

Isaac from Golden Sun.
They could do SO much with the djinn and psynergy. Then have Felix serve as the stronger clone variant.

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The story is too old to be commented.