Star Citizen’s Ship has 100,000 Polygons, 4096 Texture Resolution; Visual Damage Saves Over Time

Cloud Imperium Games’ Technical Designer and resident CryEngine expert Dan Tracy explains the technology behind the stunning Origin M-50, which is the latest ship released for the game and an agile racer.


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WilliamUsher1371d ago

Visual damage saving over time is a real highlight for me, as it'll surely showcase the vets from the newbs in the game.

Abriael1371d ago

Yep, when I saw it I was definitely impressed.

KnightRobby1371d ago

Good luck running it at max settings everyone! lol

shloobmm31371d ago

my GTX 780 Ti's are ready!!! Wonder if they will still be in there when this game finally launches lol.

starchild1370d ago

I mean, yeah, they're obviously running that scene very smoothly on some machine. I doubt they are running more than two GTX 780TIs. You'll be golden.

DeusEx-Machina1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

My future yet to build PC based on a "intel skylake i7" and "gtx 980 (or comparable)" with 32gb ddr4 ram is... well not yet ready. But come 2016 it will!

My i5 3570K/gtx 680/16gb ddr3-build will suffice till then.

ATi_Elite1370d ago

"Damage saves over time"

Now that is next Gen and I love it. I do not want a sparkly new ship as nothing looks better than rolling up on an enemy sporting some AWESOME WARPAINT and Death scratches.

also that's a cool way to tell the Vets from the noobs.

Looks like I'm gonna open up a Paint and Body shop in deep space for those looking to stay shiny new.

dantesparda1371d ago

Whats the average games texture res?

Eldyraen1371d ago

Which is why I love mods--can make normal games look so much better.

Granted texture resolution is just part of it as some smaller res, high quality textures can pack a punch but they have nothing on a higher res version of the same texture. Still, I don't have much to complain about when it comes to textures nowadays anyways even if they can be 'better'.

Dasteru1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

Last gen, with the exception of some higher end games like Crysis and Metro, the average was 512x512. Mods can make it alot higher though. I currently have Skyrim running almost entirely in 4096x4096.

level 3601371d ago

Video footage looked supremely gorgeous.

The level of detail is amazing.

Was even thinking this could have been one of those actual production talks/meetings about what to expect when travelling with this new rocket jet airship in a debris ridden space.

youndamie1371d ago

I might just invest in a gaming PC so I can play this game. Looking forward to seeing more.

R-A-S-01371d ago

Do it man! you'll also save a shit-load on games

starchild1370d ago

There are lots of other good reasons to have a gaming PC as well. I honestly think most people would love PC gaming if they gave it a try.

There is so much freedom on the PC that is lacking on the consoles. The games are generally quite a lot cheaper. The mods create all kinds of neat content that is exclusive to the PC and/or makes the games look much better--dramatically so in some cases. The PC simply offers the best graphics, fidelity and framerates of any platform.

The game library on PC is also larger by far than any other platform. It gets lots of exclusives and games that it shares with one or the other console, so it tends to get more games each year than any other platform. But of course you also have backwards compatibility which allows you to play PC games from any era.

Anyway, give it a go. I'm almost certain you will come to love it.

GamingTruth1370d ago

best graphics is subjective son

duplissi1370d ago


No, that is not subjective @Gaming Truth. That is a Objective statement, that can be proven empirically. Just go look at ANY game released on consoles and PC and you will see. The only thing that can change is that your system needs to have the hardware to run it.

ZeroAtmin1370d ago

Do it for sure just have one console at least just to have access to those exclusives recommend the PS4 because its price. plus ps3 & xbox emulators will be perfected in a little while.

youndamie1370d ago

Lol why not I need a new PC(been using Macbook pro for the past year), how much should I put into it, I'm not trying to spend more then 2.5k.

ZeroAtmin1370d ago

I say build your own if your willing to its cheaper but its still kind of a risk I say invest over 1.3K so its strong and you got money left for games and it should last you awhile if your not too serious on needing to be caught up on Tech.

Tctczach1370d ago

I think if you built it $2,500 would do max resolution easily but if you are building it on a site you might have a little problem getting there.

youndamie1370d ago

I just want to make sure it runs the game on the highest setting, $2,500 is just the max I want to spend but I would like to keep it at a reasonable price.

Tctczach1370d ago

Name sure you save up for a 4k monitor also. They aren't cheap.

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