Ninja Gaiden 2 review by JustPressPlay

Aside from the occasional cheap enemy, shoddy frame rate and a camera that actually became worse; the game is great. If you don't mind firing off curses in rapid succession and find enjoyment in being humiliated by a game then this is a definite purchase.

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FredFredrickson3784d ago

The whole thing is just one big complaint. The author never goes into specifics; he just writes how horrible it is, then gives it an 8.9 and calls it a good game.

Here are a few examples of how badly written this article is:

"The combat is brutal and almost has no equal, but some of the cheap enemies just leave you gobsmacked and you walk away feeling like you were just c*ckslapped by the developers."

"Graphically it’s a little better looking than Sigma, but the game does not run as smoothly. I’m not even trying to start a console war discussion, but Sigma’s frame rate wasn’t this terrible, but outside of that the visual appeal is great."

"One time upon the complete annihilation of a boss I thrusted my middle finger at the screen with the intensity of a Phoenix Wright objection."

How can you guys be approving this piece of trash?