Ninja Theory’s Hellblade Getting First Dev Diary Video Next Week: Teaser Pictures Shared

After its announcement at Sony’s Gamescom conference Ninja Theory’s upcoming game Hellblade created a lot of curiosity within the community, and next week you’re going to see more about it.

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Darkwatchman1210d ago

Ninja Theory gets a lot of flak, but they're in my opinion underrated developers. Sure, their games are all far from perfect. Technical and frame rate issues plague their games, sometimes they even play a bit simple compared to others in the genre, but a Ninja Theory game has a certain charm that is very distinct to them. None of their games will likely ever reach absolute all time best games lists for me, but I appreciate their penchant for style and storytelling. I really wish the planned Heavenly Sword trilogy never got canned. It would have been great to see what these guys could have done with that, but I guess Hellblade is the closest we have to a sequel, even though it's more of a spiritual successor.

starchild1210d ago

Agreed. I loved Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. Both had great characters and narrative, nice graphics, and fun gameplay. I'm really looking forward to Hellblade.

Forn1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Sweet! Hellblade is definitely a highly anticipated game for me. Is it indeed a PS4 exclusive? I assume it's timed, though I've heard both things.

starchild1210d ago

It's "first to console on PS4", which likely means there will be a PC version and eventually other console versions.

ScorpiusX1210d ago

Yes their will be an XBOX Version . This game looks badass.

SoapShoes1210d ago

It's exclusive to PS4 first. It's only being worked on for PS4 right now until completed and released. They may possibly port it to other systems but long down the road and if they get a publisher.

DarkLord10031210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I don't want to be an asshole but did they ever release a successful game? Not critically speaking - but from a business stand point. I don't think any game of them was ever a commercial success. Which is sad because their games are really something special. Perhaps thats the reason why they fail - because their games are too special and not generic enough to appeal to a broader audience...

SoapShoes1210d ago

Heavenly Sword did over 1 million. It did fairly well but they didn't seem to think so.

DigitalRaptor1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

You can read through this presentation for some insight into Ninja Theory's trials and tribulations in the gaming industry and why their games may have "failed".

It's a long, but very worthy read. I have more respect for them as a creative studio than I ever did before after reading it.

Elda1210d ago

Loved HS & DmC definitely looking forward to more developing news about Hellblade.

Kingdomcome2471210d ago

This trailer looked cool. How was Heavenly Sword?

DigitalRaptor1210d ago

Heavenly Sword was an early PS3 gem in my opinion. It's was supposed to be a trilogy, and has probably one of the most requested sequels from PS3 gamers.

It has some real style, charm, beautiful art, along with fairly solid and unique gameplay mechanics. It's also a very cinematic game. Story and characters were the absolutely best part of the game with Anna Torv and Andy Serkis being standouts. It's a short, but satisfying, game.

Kingdomcome2471210d ago

That sounds right up my alley. I, obviously love great gameplay, but what I look for most in a game is character development environmental immersion and narrative. I, would love for a game this gen to come along and knock Bioshock 1 out of my favorite game of all time spot. So that gives you an idea as to what I look for in a game. I, enjoyed Lost Odyssey from them. If devs draw me into the story, I can oftentimes look over gameplay shortcomings. The story is what sticks with me personally. Thanks for the response man.