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A Redditor Has Lovingly Recreated Silent Hills’ Most Horrifying Moment by Hand

Ricky from Twinfinite writes; "Silent Hills' most horrifying scene involved something in a sink, and a talented Redditor has recreated it by hand in great detail." (Culture, Silent Hills)

OculusRift  +   157d ago
Horrifyingly beautiful
equal_youth  +   157d ago
damn i would love to leave this for my gf in the bathroom ^^
KwietStorm  +   157d ago
Looks like an uncooked thanksgiving turkey. Or overly cooked.
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cyclindk  +   157d ago
I swear I had this last night at Ling's Buffet.
Roman3mPiRe86  +   156d ago
I got the wife to play it without telling her what it was about... her reaction was freakn epic lol check it out
P.T. Demo Funniest Girl Reaction Ever!!!: http://youtu.be/YCszkrAlN6M
DarkOcelet  +   156d ago
Ahahahaha that is so funny ,i cant believe that is real .
elda  +   156d ago
The pic looks much more disgusting.
Twiggy  +   156d ago
I'd love to hear him explain this to his parents.
Alicornium  +   156d ago
Damn... that's what happened last time I tried to cook turkey.
mamotte  +   156d ago
Well, I'm done. I thoguht PT's graphics are awesome, but as always, reality surpasses fiction -Goes to cry under the shower with Oreo cookies-
TXIDarkAvenger  +   156d ago
This would be so good to place in someone's bathroom after playing this game.
ajax17  +   156d ago
David Lynch would approve.

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