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PSN Down, Gamers Told to ‘Think About What You’ve Done’ (Satire)

Twinfinite writes, "Originally believed to be a DDoS attack by hackers, it was revealed this was a power move played by Sony as punishment for our community’s behavior this past week and in general." (Culture, PlayStation Network, PS3, PS4)

WackoDaSniper   115d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
vork77  +   115d ago
*grabs my 3ds* its not like we have other systems lol
360ICE  +   115d ago
Yeah! Unlike all these other services that go up and down at a whim, you can rely on Nintendo's online service to always never work.

I jest, though. They've gotten a lot better.
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vork77  +   115d ago
I am just saying we have other systems beside sony
360ICE  +   115d ago
Indeed. I'm just joking :)
mrmarvel29  +   115d ago
I can access PSN now. Don't know if it's just for some users, though.
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Tetsujin  +   115d ago
I can on the 3 but the 4 I'm still having issues, not sure if different per case.
MAULxx   115d ago | Immature | show
sckipt  +   115d ago

These guys are not making a good name for themselves. I hope that another hacker group destroyed these guys
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paddy95  +   115d ago
I'm sorry :(
drpepperdude  +   115d ago
I can access https://store.sonyentertain... now but I still can't login to psn.
Eonjay  +   115d ago
Its all fun a games until you threaten to blow a plane up. Now they need to go to jail.
MorePowerOfGreen   115d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
DefenderOfDoom2  +   115d ago
Oh yeah , i am on PSN now. Woo ha!!!
AutoCad  +   115d ago
Can i get my PS PLUS refund?
kenshiro100  +   115d ago
I was able to get on after a couple of tries. It definitely could have been worse.
WeAreLegion   115d ago | Off topic | show
ratchet426  +   114d ago
“we will be discussing this further when Xbox Live gets home.”

Awesome! Home for XBLive confirmed!
Ra3030  +   114d ago
I love it....now go outside! ..and stay of my lawn!

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