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Four Reasons to Buy the Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundle

"Later this year I’ll finally be picking up an Xbox One for myself. I looked over all the new bundles they have available and I decided that the Sunset Overdrive one would be the one for me. In this article I’ll list the top four reasons you should pick up the SO Xbox bundle. So here we go!"
- Kaylynn Hammond (Next-Gen, Tag Invalid, Tech, Xbox, Xbox One)

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   27d ago
ill pass not to troll, but im still not interested.
GiggMan  +   27d ago
Xbox One price still isn't quite right for me. I have patience.
Thefreeman012  +   27d ago
i had an old 360 that i traded in to ms to get the xbox one for 299 which was a decent deal. i only did it cause i had 2 360s tho
nicksetzer1  +   27d ago
Personally, I think this bundle is pretty sweet, sunset overdrive comes free, the white looks slick and it's a kinect free sku for those who don't want it.

@psn you aren't trolling, yet you came to an article about a game and console you know you aren't buying and felt compelled to make the first comment?

@gigg essentially 340$ for an xb1 .... what kind of price are you expecting
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The SO Xbox One bundle is currently sitting at 81 on Amazon, compared to white Destiny PS4 at 13. According to Amazon people want the Madden and COD X1 bundles more. I'm not sure people are buying into the SO hype.
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ABizzel1  +   27d ago

That's exactly what I did as well + I had a $100 gift card to the MS store. XBO for $199, can't complain.
hakeem0996  +   27d ago
I was going to get this but its coming out too late . I need my destiny fix .if it was coming out in September instead of October it would've been a done deal, but spending 2 months waiting will destiny is in the wild is impossible.Too bad thou i never had a white console .
aceitman  +   27d ago
@ ArgumentumAdPopulum-the sunset o bundle is not on the top 100 at all , what is at 81 is the black 399 x1. it dropped of the top 100 a week ago. it seems madden bundle is the one people choose even the cod advanced is off the top 100.
GiggMan  +   27d ago
@ Nick, not everyone wants sunset overdrive. I already have a PS4 so I don't need a Xbox one right now. I bought the PS4 at launch and felt it was worth $400.

I feel in my opinion that the Xbox one is worth between $300 and $350 (between Wiiu and PS4). I'm holding out for black Friday. If they release a SKU in that price range or package in a game that I want for $400 I'm game maybe by the Holidays
@ aceitman You're right, It's not even in the top 100. I don't think SO will sell well. If they can't sell it with the white Xbox One, I don't think there's much hope for the actually game to sell well.
cfc78  +   27d ago
I can't see people climbing the fence to buy it but for those sitting/waiting on the fence it looks sweet and with some great games on the way why not.
Back-to-Back  +   27d ago
Remind me the last time Insomniac made a game worth buying? Resistance 1?
Codewow  +   27d ago
I'll pick this game up, but I am buying the Master Chief Xbox One Bundle when it's announced.
LAWSON72  +   27d ago
I seriously doubt it will happen, since there are two new models already announced. It is not cheap to just make all these different models. If there is a bundle it will just be a regular $400 system with MCC for free (like Madden or perhaps Titanfall).
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Codewow  +   27d ago
A bundle does not have to include a new model. I don't care what color or design my Xbox has. I just want it packed with Halo. That's all I care about.
Blackleg-sanji  +   27d ago
Im getting it just wish it was a physical copy like destiny will be when I pick up that bundle
imtheman2013  +   27d ago
You should only need one reason: because you want to.
JoshOnTech  +   27d ago
Yeah, but don't you think there should be reasons that make you want to? Surely you don't want one for no reason.
imtheman2013  +   27d ago
But those reasons are irrelevant because they are different from person to person, and some might disagree that their reasons are more justified than other reasons. So, when it comes down to it, people should just buy the things they want to buy based on their own reasons, not some authors or some articles reasons.
iSuperSaiyanGod  +   27d ago
Wrong lol . I preordered mine Thursday just so I could have a white one lol and play dead rising 3 . While waiting for dying light on the ps4
famoussasjohn  +   26d ago
Those reasons vary from person to person. What attracts me is the white console/controller and free game and I already have an Xbox One, but that all white option is nice.
demonddel  +   27d ago
COD Advanced Warfare Xbox One Bundle I already preorder it best looking console ever my opinion
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castillo  +   27d ago
The highlight of that one is the 1TB. HDD .
demonddel  +   27d ago
That 2
Chriscrinkle18  +   27d ago
My R2-D2 360 begs to differ :P
Lukas_Japonicus  +   27d ago
1) Because SO looks like one of the best current-gen games so far.
2) ^^^
3) ^^^
4 White console looks sexy.
incendy35  +   27d ago
It is a very good deal. Personally I would get Kinect though, it makes almost everything about using the system better. Searching for content, starting games and apps, recording game play are all things you do daily with Kinect if you want the best experience. I know, it is cool to hate on Kinect but the reality is that it adds a lot to the overall experience.
JoshOnTech  +   27d ago
I agree that it would be a cool device to have, I just wouldn't want to spend $100 on it.
Ashby_JC  +   27d ago
I got a kinect with mine and use it all the time.

The question me and a friend were wondering...is how does a kinect free user say....XBOX RECORD THAT

How are they supposed to use the feature?? I suspect they wont be able to do on the fly record 30 second clips. AS far as I know there isnt a specific button for it.

I agree that Kinect has enhanced my experience more then hampered it.
incendy35  +   27d ago
The new SmartGlass beta allows you to record clips but I think you are right that on the controller there is currently no way. Voice is great for that feature, don't have to worry about interrupting game play just say it haha
WeAreLegion  +   27d ago
I'm getting it to support Insomniac and this awesome game. Can't wait!
Eejanaika  +   27d ago
Cause its insomiac : D
xJumpManx  +   27d ago
from a purely cosmetic decision I really like the COD X1 coming out.
Jew Unit  +   27d ago
I would since I don't have one and would like to get a black Xbox. I will get them separately.
Somnipotent  +   27d ago
Looks fun, but not worth shelling out another $400 just to play. Where's my next-gen Ratchet & Clank?
jaymart2k  +   27d ago
5th reason, xbox live works more then psn.
Eddie20101  +   27d ago
Have both, not true.
Eejanaika  +   27d ago
I have both, and i would agree with that after today. cant really disagree with that
ArnoDorian  +   27d ago
Here's reason #5 why you should get XBO. Cortana A.I
JoshOnTech  +   27d ago
Like the Windows Phone assistant? Is that coming to Xbox?
castillo  +   27d ago
They are in the early stages of contemplating it , but it will come to Xbox one in some update or for the release of W9 .
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remixx116  +   27d ago
1. Because it looks fun
2. Because it looks fun
3. Because it looks fun
4. Because it looks fun
VlllAxelLea  +   27d ago
I'm buying this bundle but I really really hate that it comes with a digital copy ):
Dontworrybhappy  +   27d ago
My friend just bought the PS4 Infamous bundle, and he does'nt like the digital thing either. I think you guys are wierd.
ItsJoeMama  +   27d ago
1. Buy an Xbox One box on Ebay
2. Print out Sunset Overdrive's cover
3. Act like you have a physical copy
Ryasha  +   27d ago
I'm holding out on getting an Xbox One until either the eventual bundle with Halo 5 next year or the one for the new Gears (whenever that comes out).

Or at least one that I'll keep. Thinking of getting a cheaper, used Xbox One to play until then.
aviator189  +   27d ago
Im picking up this bundle myself, although I wish they had done a Halo MCC bundle.
Dontworrybhappy  +   27d ago
Im still holding out hope for MCC peripherals. Controllers, headsets, Master Chief body pillows.
aviator189  +   26d ago
They better at least release some sort of halo controller this fall/winter. They'd be stupid not to.
Macdaddy71  +   27d ago
How in the Freakin world can some of the Aboves say!!! They think the X1 is worth $300 to $350 and don't have one to even know....omfg crazy... Cheap ass can't put $50 more n get a system,..I got ps4 at $400 worth it n got X1 at $500 n was worth it also..
Don't know is something not worth the money if you don't own one...
I gave $700 for the day one 3DO n was worth it to me,
I'm a true gamers, I would give $1000 ea if that's what Sony n MS was asking they should to really make some babies cry lol
GiggMan  +   27d ago
It's not worth it to some people, get over it. Especially if you already have a next gen console. I'm not spending $400 on another console just to say that I have it. I rarely use my PS4 due to my busy schedule.

Pay $1000 just because they ask you to? Lol. Sounds like a sheep to me.
King_of_Nothing  +   26d ago
Other than the $1000ea thing, I agree. I cant believe people would hold off on buying a system over $50. Especially when that system is going to provide years of use. If you're that broke, your money probably shouldnt be spent on something like gaming, otherwise quit being so damn cheap.
Dontworrybhappy  +   27d ago
Damn i want that white sum bitch.
Universal 08  +   27d ago
Give me a kinect and then we will talk, I feel like if I buy just the Xbox One without Kinect it will just be a ripoff. :/
MicDude  +   27d ago
The only reason people should buy this is if they want to buy it. Nothing else matters.
PS4isKing_82  +   27d ago
Awesome bundle but honestly quite surprised this feel out of the Amazon top 100 after barely a week. Same for the call of duty 1TB bundle. Why aren't ppl buying these awesome bundles? Weird.
josephayal  +   27d ago
i wan't an X1
Chrisgamerguy  +   26d ago
Great value for the gamer in this bundle.
Neo43224  +   26d ago
No thanks
DoubleM70  +   26d ago
Yeah I think I'm selling mines for the White one.
TheOnlyMastrx  +   26d ago
Even though i've drifted away from Call of Duty, I would rather have the 1TB hard drive that the Advanced Warfare bundle has. I haven't paid attention to prices, but i'm sure its more, even so though the hard drive space alone is more appealing than a White kinect-less version. Sunset Overdrive itself does look really fun though.
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